Multiplicity 11


WE HUMAN BEINGS appear to exist separately on multiple dimensional levels with each level containing a separate ego. Why is that so, wouldn’t the one ego be sufficient – as we only have one soul? No! Each physical life experience on each level is different, depending on the infinitely possible variations that our one life can take.

Our soul is not separate from The Creator, of which in truth we are, so our one soul experiences our totality, but our ego believes in duality, so each ego appears to be separate. Our ego could be more aptly described as separate libraries that hold within them all the images and records for each particular dimensional level.

This allows the soul to have a seemingly separate experience on each level, reacting to different life events that generate their own mostly negative beliefs, likes and dislikes, judgements and prejudices that are then stored in each of those individual libraries.

As described in the series The Library‘ these records are only of the past and because each level has a different past according to the infinitely possible outcomes of the decisions and choices that can be made on each separate level, this allows for unique experiences of the one life.

As I said at the start, this story is being told dualistically, where all forms exist separately, which is not the truth. The reality is more that in the mind of The Creator/Soul, all our ego/bodies are the one dream, they are all connected spiritually, so the life we experience on any one level, subtly affects our total life experience.

On all the levels we inhabit, our names are the same and our bodies are somewhat the same, differing only on account of the infinitely possible life experiences that occur on each level and the effects that has on the body. But at this stage of our evolution, we are only aware of the one ego/body and the one experience of life on only this one level of awareness.

When mankind is capable of handling the truth of our reality, in other words, when we have matured as a species, each of us will continue to experience life exactly as we are doing now, only we will be consciously aware that we are much greater than the part we are aware of playing.

Also, with that knowledge, it will be impossible for us to take life too seriously for we will realize that we are experiencing only one of the  many variations of our life and most importantly, we know that all is well, for we always remain in the safe and trusting embrace of our true eternal self – Our Soul.

Before that eventuates though, we need to grow up and out of our selfishness, greed and anger and all the other negativities that consume our habitual, unconscious minds, for they are stopping us from evolving to the level needed for us to competently accept the response-ability that enlightenment entails.

This has been The Creator’s plan all along, for a human lifetime will be a much more rewarding journey, with much more fun and enjoyment, when we are not hindered by our ignorance of our true origins.

Our total life experience has been predetermined, we are meant to have a joyful, expansive experience, but we can’t do that until we have evolved enough and become conscious of the fact that we are not our ego, thus stop identifying with it and all its accompanying negativities.

Don’t worry, all is well, everything is still in the process of being created. Everything is going to plan…

Dan’s Quote: “We are much greater than the sum of our parts.”- DJB

To read the full library series, click on the link above then scroll back to ‘The Library 1’.
Top photo: Multiple Egos – a military parade that I found while surfing around for a suitable header.

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