Multiplicity 10


THE CREATOR exists on the Spiritual Plain at the very top of the pyramid of awareness. It is the only reality, everything below is an illusion, make believe, a dream. The souls come next. They remain on the Spiritual Plane as there is nowhere else to be.

They are extensions of The One Creator, rather than separate entities as in reality, there is no separation. On the Spiritual Plane, our souls remain fully aware of their origins but while their aura is attached to a human body, that aspect of them forgets who they really are, allowing them to experience a physical life to the full.

A life that is full of fun and adventure as well as being educational – for The Creator and the souls at any rate – but eventually, it will be fun for us too. The Creators Wisdom becomes evident when we realize that each and every lifetime, plus all its multiple variations are lived out at the same time on many levels of awareness to gain the maximum benefit.

The Creator, via the extension of the souls has a grander purpose though and that is to eventually unite with our Physical Plane self- to become consciously aware while inhabiting a Physical Plane body – that our soul and the Physical Plane ‘self awareness’ are one and the same.

What does this mean? Our Physical Plane self is a mixture of the ego (a separate library of records for each particular level of existence) and the soul, who, while attached to a Physical Plane body has purposely drawn the curtain of ignorance on its true origins to allow for the maximum learning experience.

Once the Physical Plane self (us) has reached the stage of being fully evolved and matured, the curtain of ignorance will be lifted allowing the souls to live out human lifetimes from then on whilst remaining fully aware of its Spiritual self.

This is not possible at the moment, for mankind is still too immature. More lifetimes are needed before we have advanced enough to where we are capable of handling the extra spiritual response-ability and be able to cope with a much greater self awareness than at present, but our time is drawing near.

All that stuff’s okay but what about us? It’s obvious that we are at the bottom of the pyramid, but how is it possible that we can exist on many levels at the same time and have so many physical bodies and egos, yet be aware of only one ‘Me?’

And how the heck does all these many, supposedly lengthy, multiple lifetime variations that we have experienced since creation fit into our world of time and space?…

Dan’s Quote: “Relax and let go, we are already where we are striving to be.
_____________We are just not aware of it yet.”- Danny Brand


Top photo: The Pyramids of Egypt. From left to right, Menkaure, Khafre and Khufu.

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