Multiplicity 9


WHEN we look up at the night sky, passed the Milky Way into the space beyond, we are looking at eternity. This infinite space reflects the reality within the mind of The One who created all this, who’s abode is the timeless, spaceless, non-dualistic Spiritual Plane.

When we concentrate on the Milky Way itself and the planets, if any are visible, down to the moon, if it has arisen and the silhouette of the trees and mountains set against the night sky, we are looking at the contents of that infinite universe. These are the finite forms within the eternal vision.

Unlike the infinite space beyond, these forms seem separate from each other and appear to be of different sizes. Being finite, they all deteriorate over time, so unlike the universe in which they appear, they had a beginning and one day their existence will end.

The observer of this night time spectacle (you) are a finite part of the contents of this infinite universe, so you too had a beginning and over time, you will deteriorate and eventually your existence will end.

Although this wondrous panorama that you are witnessing appears to be tangible, touchable, real, the infinite universe itself, as well as all its contents is not real, it is only a dream in the mind of The Creator – and like all dreams, an illusion.

The hierarchy of illusion begins with The Creator who imagines He is a soul, who in turn imagines that he inhabits a blob of finite matter (you) on another illusory blob of matter called Earth, on which an imaginary you interacts with other seemingly separate blobs of imaginary matter that are both inanimate as well as animate.

If you look at this hierarchy of illusion backwards you’ll see that there is no difference between you, your soul and The Creator – all is the imagination of the One Dreamer, therefore it must be you who is doing the dreaming – it is you who is The Creator of the infinite universe and all its contents in your experience of life.

In truth there is nothing outside of you, the world you are experiencing is nothing but your imagination being projected onto the screen of your mind. There is no duality, no separateness, no others, there is just you having a dream.

In your dream, your soul, as an extension of your true self – The Creator – is the experiencer, the learner, the one with the missions, the one that has an agenda.

It accomplishes this by experiencing the illusion of a physical lifetime through an infinite number of attachments to ego/bodies that masquerade as you, one for each dimensional level that you inhabit.

The person you ‘think’ you are is only one of your many illusory selves in the dream. Your ego, that separately inhabits all the variations of your illusory Physical Plane body is your Physical Plane self.

Whilst believing you are your ego, you can only experience life on whatever level your present ego awareness inhabits. In other words, you are only experiencing a very small part of your total life experience.

Your soul on the other hand, is experiencing your life in its totality – and yet – it is all a dream….

Dan’s Quote: “You are free to dream whatever lifetime you like – a fun adventure…
_____________or a painful journey – it’s up to you.”- DJB

Once again, I use the male gender for descriptive purposes, sorry girls.
Top Photo: Milky Way shining above Loch Ard Gorge, in Port Campbell National Park, Victoria, Australia.

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