Multiplicity 8


FOR US to understand anything at all, it has to be explained dualistically (you and something else separated in time). On earth, we experience life as finite forms that exist in separation from each other, so any description of something that differs from our normal, conceivable environment must be written in a dualistic language.

The problem is, the infinite universe is not dualistic. It has no beginning and no end. It is not a certain distance high, wide or deep. It didn’t have a beginning and it won’t have an end. It is eternal. It always has been and it always will be.

The infinite dimensional levels within the universe are also non-dualistic. In truth, they are not within anything, including the universe, but to understand the concept even a little, we must imagine them as being separated in time and space – a different dimensional level with different forms of the one form, with a different version of the one life experience on each.

The same holds true for us. In truth, we are also non-dualistic. There are not billions upon billions of us or any other living form – there is only The One Formless Creator. That statement is meaningless to us while ever we are identified with a dualistic ego and its belief in separateness.

Even more difficult for us to come to grips with is, in this story, there appear to be many versions of us (Physical Plane selves) existing separately on many dimensional levels, living out every variation of our life possible and yet, in truth, we do not exist separately at all and our ego/body is but an illusion.

It is all very confusing I know but anyway, following is my attempt at describing, in dualistic terms, the hierarchy of our existence as told in this story of multiplicity – an existence that must be re-emphasized, is in truth, formless and non-dualistic.

It might also be handy to keep in mind, that in truth, the infinite physical universe that we appear to inhabit and all it supposedly contains is not reality, it is only a dream of The One Creator – and this universe with all its contents that is the dream within the Mind of The Creator has a logical purpose.

The Creator desired to know Himself in form (a perceptual structure) for The Creator had never experienced physical life before, so it was all new leading edge stuff, so to get the most out of that experience, He created extensions, or individuations of Himself known to us as souls that enabled Him to live out multiple experiences of life within Physical Plane bodies.

I have written on this subject before, but not in the context of Multiplicity – So here goes…

Dan’s Quote: “Life is but a dream.”- Danny Brand

The Creator is only called Him, as Her or It sounds odd, and for no other reason.
Top photo: ‘Finite Forms in an Infinite Universe – Eagle Nebula in the Constellation Orion, 1500 lights years from Earth.

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