Multiplicity 7


MANKIND is under the assumption that we are special somehow – God’s favourite – but we do not take preference over any other living creature at all. Sure, we are special in the sense that we play an important role in the overall evolution of life – but so does every other living creature.

To enable us humans to play our part, we have been blessed with the greater intelligence, but that is only so once we have matured as a species, (and not before) we can then guide all life in our little corner of the universe successfully through its evolution on towards its ultimate fulfilment as set down by The Creator at the time of creation.

All other living creatures great and small fill just as an important slot in the totality of life. Every living creature switches from one level to another the same as us, as they experience their versions of life. When you swat a fly or squash a bug, they, like us only die on this level.

Animals we slaughter and eat, also only die on this level, on others, they continue to live, for they follow an agenda, the same as we humans do and must live out a full lifetime span. There are souls who are charged by The Creator to supervise the growth and evolution of all living things, whether ape or microbe.

These are young apprentice souls who are charged with the responsibility for the evolution of all species apart from man. One soul has control per each different species, allowing the living creatures of each kind to evolve into the best it can possibly be within its group. It cannot evolve into other species.

The apprentice soul who has control of each species can however graduate up the order as it gains experience and learns the intricacies of inhabiting living things, beginning at the bottom and ending with their graduation to a human body.

The experienced souls who have already climbed the ladder of life from dinosaurs to dung beetles and have inhabited many Physical Plane human bodies since they were created are the ones that attach themselves to those special children I wrote about in an earlier chapter.

Part of the order of creation is to supply animals for food, for we carnivores must eat to survive – even if we become vegetarian, plants are living creatures too – so no matter what we eat, it was once alive. These living consumables survive on other levels allowing them to sustain others on this level while surviving on another.

That is not to say that we humans have a license to indiscriminately kill or step on any living creature, for the sake of it. Killing an animal for food or controlling bugs with pesticides is vastly different from killing some living thing, including our own kind just for the pleasure of it.

Cruelty is a primitive animal instinct and has no place in our evolution, so those acts of cruelty are lessons presented to us for learning purposes and if not learnt, our path forward will be compromised and the lesson repeated on different levels and in different incarnations if necessary until the last vestige of cruelty is erased from our minds.

From mankind down to bacteria, we are all together in this wonderfully magical physical universe. Each and every living creature was created for a purpose. We rely on one another to make this story of creation work and if any one of us is missing, the whole of creation is jeopardised…

Dan’s Quote: “A bug is just as important as us humans are..
____________ for the  ability of life on earth to flourish.”- Danny Brand

Top photo: Multiple Wildebeests. Multiple fish to the right and multiple birds to the left.

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