Multiplicity 6


WHAT’S the use of worrying, it never was worthwhile? – goes the old song. You are just one of the many versions of your total self. Whatever you decide to do in life, whatever path you take, there is another version of you living out, not only the opposites, but every other choice you could possibly make.

So sit back and relax, let whatever is, be what it is, you are spiritually connected to your totality, you can’t do wrong. All alternatives are covered. There is no right way or wrong way, there is only life experience – and you/soul have or will experience both the positives and the negatives of human life on one level or another.

For instance, you may have decided at some time to move to another city, state or country. On this level you may have chosen to move to A instead of B, but on another level you live out the full life of the opposite choice, as if you moved to B instead of A. The alternative lives are lived out each time.

You may have decided to get a job rather than go to college, become a doctor rather than a bricklayer. You may have had thoughts of marrying certain people of the opposite or same sex that you considered attractive, no matter what you have done in life, or who you finally married or not married, every choice is lived out on one level or another.

All variations of your life are experienced to the full by your soul, although you, looking through the eyes of your limited, restricted ego, are only aware of the choices you made here on this one level.

The only problem you have is you are identifying with your ‘one level’ ego and whilst you are under your ego’s spell, you are confined to this particular, narrow dimension of awareness, which comprises only a small part of your totality with all its erroneous opinions, beliefs and judgments that make life seem so serious.

There are many more variations of you, all believing ‘you/they’ are the ego that is restricted to that particular dimensional level. Your narrowed vision of your total reality – on every level – is the cause of all your pain.  

By realizing that it is your soul that is in control and you/ego are only one of many small, fairly insignificant parts of your total life experience allows you to not take it all too seriously…

Dan’s Quote: “We experience the one infinite universe with many forms, 
_____________who in reality are only other forms of ourselves.”- DJB

Top photo: Multiple Mirrors – ‘Solar Power Tower,’ Spain

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