Multiplicity 5


BEFORE I go on I must clarify what I wrote in ‘Life To The Full’ when I surmised that we all live 75 or 80 years. It’s seems logical that the average person might live to around about that age before their souls agenda has been fulfilled but there are specialist cases that need to be addressed.

Some children are born with maladies that are a part of their life experience. They may eventually be cured or the debility remedied and they will continue to live to a ripe old age as their soul learns and teaches, using the illness or debility as a means to an end.

But sometimes a soul’s agenda may only be to complete one or two missions, so will come to the Physical Plane and attach itself to a physical body for a shorter duration. In these specific cases, the Physical Plane body that it inhabits may die young, when the mission is completed successfully.

These special children may still switch between several dimensional levels during their short stay as their soul works on its agenda, they may even die a few times on different levels during their experience before their soul transitions.

These children seem to stand out in the crowd. Maybe these young people will suffer from some disease or deformity – for learning purposes, and to facilitate the death of the body – allowing their soul to transition to the Spiritual Plane earlier than usual.

These children might suffer from Senescence, (premature aging) Multiple sclerosis, Cerebral palsy, Spina bifida or a host of other maladies.
One attribute they all seem to have in common though is that they appear to know that they may die early and most do not fear their own imminent death. Maybe you know children like that.

It appears that their soul has not completely drawn the curtain on the awareness of their true origins so the children intuitively know that they are eternal souls and in reality, they are here for a specific purpose.

They sometimes exhibit an unusual maturity for their age, being much wiser than their fit and healthy contemporaries, even though for some of these kids, their intelligence is locked up in an unresponsive body.

This could well mean that their soul is much closer to the surface awareness of their reality than the average person.

Souls group together in families, sharing and helping each other with their individual agendas. These children will be waiting on the Spiritual Plane to greet the souls who played the part of their parents and loved ones during their short sojourn on the Physical Plane.

It is helpful for the parents of such children to realize that their child purposely entered a physical lifetime to learn very special lessons and as we (souls) are all connected, for the learning benefit of collective humanity – and for the benefit of mankind’s evolution.

The mission being successful, their child continues to be healthy and illness free, awaiting them on the Spiritual Plane…

Dan’s Quote: “The soul of a sick child may be an older much more experienced soul. 
_____________They are the wise souls that tend to attach themselves to such children 
_____________to experience and teach the finer points of human life.”- DJB

Top photo: Children in wheelchairs posing for the camera. Middle photo: Children with Senescence. Bottom photo: Children with Jesus.

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