Multiplicity 4


EVERY human being lives a full life – Everybody! What is a full life? Is it the old three score and ten, or could we now say seventy five or eighty would be a more present day number? It doesn’t really matter, for physical time has nothing to do with how long we live.

In The Agenda I wrote that our soul has specific missions it uses to help give its lifetime a focus. When our soul comes to the Physical Plane, each time attaching itself to a physical body for the duration of a lifetime, it explores, experiences and learns all about the human experience.

When our soul’s particular agenda has been successfully completed – and not until then, our soul transitions to the Spiritual Plane and our life ends – or more precisely, our Physical Plane body’s existence ends.

No one’s life ends before that agenda has been completed, No One! Those missions take a long time in our physical universe of time and space to complete, it takes much longer than a month, a year, 20 or 50 years.

Every one’s physical life only ends when our soul has finished its work, so seventy five or eighty would be as good a number as any as it now seems the average age. The people who live longer, say ninety, a hundred, or more, are only still here and on this level because their soul’s missions are not yet complete.

How can that be I imagine you saying? People die of all ages, babies die, young people die, we can die at any moment. Remember a very important fact in this tale, we are all confined to and thus aware of, only one small, narrow, dimensional level in our full life experience in an infinite number of three dimensional levels.

When somebody dies, they only die on one level. If it happens to be the level that we are aware on, then we will mourn their death if they are near and dear to us, but they themselves (the awareness of self behind their eyeballs) carries on, their awareness of life simply switches to another level. To them, death did not occur.

On the levels where they still exist (on which we also inhabit), we will not be mourning them for they are still hale and hearty. If the death on the previous level was caused by a traffic accident say, on this level they will have had a near miss and we will be patting them on the back, saying, ‘You lucky bugger, go buy a lottery ticket’ rather than mourning them.

If, on this level, the deceased are babies at the time, say, who have been born prematurely, or with a defect or disease – on other levels they will be born at the right time and be free of defects or disease for they must live the full lifetime span, until their soul has completed all the missions set down for them.

Your child or loved one continues to live, grow and mature on other levels – and on those levels, you are continuing to love and share in their lives as they continue to do with you. It is only on this level that you suffer their loss.

Our suffering is appeased if we could only realize that our loved one’s death has only occurred to allow our true self/soul to experience loss that this has happened – and it has only happened on this level. On other levels, they continue to live, love and interact with you.

We have all probably died a few times in this lifetime, as we live in an environment of risk, disease and physical danger, but we are completely unaware of that fact, for our awareness of life simply switches to another level where we are still alive and well. We have no option but to live a full life…

Dan’s Quote: “Our awareness of life is only a small snippet of our totality.”- Danny Brand

Top photo: Multiple letter boxes –
‘Is there a letter for me’ by Wanda Lach, New South Wales, Australia

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