Multiplicity 3


EVERYONE of us is living every possible variation of our life. Apart from the life we are living here on this level, on other levels, we are living out the lifetimes of every other decision or choice that we ever have or ever will make.

For instance, not only are you reading these lines right here right now, there are other variations of you reading these same lines right now on other levels. (and I am writing to all of you who are reading) There are also levels where your life has taken a different turn and you are not reading these lines at all.

All those variations of you, whether reading this or not are right here within and surrounding you, experiencing your life that ranges from slightly different, to completely different to the one you are presently aware of and although you are having a seemingly different experience, you are spiritually connected to all variants of yourself.

On these infinite levels with infinite possibilities, we are also living out lifetimes as a result of events that we seem to have no control over, sickness and accidents for instance. On the level that we are on and many others, we survive those incidences, but there are levels where we do not, and we perish.

These events are purposeful for our growth and are also for the benefit of other souls with whom we work in close collaboration with as we help each other out with our different agendas, for on this level, one of their missions maybe to experience the sorrow of losing a loved one, so we help out so to speak.

Our soul may in turn decide that one of our missions is to be on the receiving end and so will suffer or have suffered the loss of loved ones ourselves. These losses only occur on our present level of existence. Be assured, our loved ones carry on living on other levels.

Whilst we, our Physical Plane self are only aware of this one level of existence, our soul or true self, is aware of and experiencing every possible variation of our life lived on every level where we exist.

Although we are unconscious of our life experiences on all levels, a tiny shred of reality sometimes filters through to our subconscious, so we can be subconsciously aware of some of the other experiences in our many lives that occur on other levels where we exist.

When a small piece of that knowledge filters through into our conscious mind, strange memories occur and sometimes out of body experiences such as an awareness of floating above our body when death is imminent.

In this case, we have probably died on that level and those images have inadvertently filtered through to this level where we still exist. We can also see our loved ones on the other side before returning to tell the tale. In these instances a window has momentarily opened into our total reality.

Smaller, less dramatic memories that crop up in our life occasionally we call déjà vu. In reality though, our whole existence is déjà vu…

Dan’s Quote: “How can we take life so seriously if our present perception of life 
_____________is only one small version of our total reality.”- Danny Brand


Top photo: Multiple Beach Huts. ‘The Great Aussie Beach’ by David Lee of Western Australia

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