Multiplicity 2


FIRSTLY let’s look at a summary of our non ending universe with its infinite number of three dimensional levels. In reality, the universe as a whole is timeless and spaceless so these universal levels would not be stacked one on top of the other or side by side, they would all exist in the same place – where we are at the moment, they are all around us – and in us.

We can’t detect them of course, it would be rather confusing and pointless if we could. We only experience the one tiny dimensional level that we are aware of inhabiting. It’s similar to television and radio waves, the air is full of them and there would only be a confusing garble of sights and sounds if we tuned into all of them at once.

So we tune our television and radio sets to one particular frequency, so we can watch, listen and comprehend. It’s the same with our existence – and here it must be emphasized, we do exist on many levels, but we are only tuned into this particular dimensional level, so we can live, experience and comprehend human life.

The one small teensy-weensy part of us that is tuned into this level, (our ego) has been tuned out of the other levels because it would not only be too confusing, but absolutely impossible at our stage of evolution.

The infinite possibilities that exist on those infinite levels are only brought about by the three dimensional ‘things or forms’ (including us) that exist in time and space within those infinite levels and because it involves ‘time and space’, these possibilities, when they occur, alter each level slightly.

So although each and every dimension is a copy of the other, differences will occur over time caused by the infinitely possible choices and actions of the finite ‘forms’ that live and exist on those dimensional levels. These include the choices and decisions made by the living and the consuming, erosion and decomposition of the non living.

Every possibility that has or will occur in the universe continues to exist on one level or another. Just like the television and radio signals that we broadcast out into space, they go on forever.

If we imagine looking back in time at the levels linearly, on some levels the Big Bang is still occurring, on others, the solar system, the earth and life is still evolving, on others, the dinosaurs still roam the earth, on yet others, the world wars are in progress, all the history of the universe is still there.

Also, if we imagine looking linearly at the dimensional levels ahead, on some levels mankind is and has already permanently inhabited the moon, mars and explored the worlds outside our solar system. It is all there recorded in the endless infinite universe.

Consequently, there are dimensional levels before we were born and also levels when we are being born, growing up, maturing, aging and on yet other levels, our human life (Physical Plane body) is and has ended and we are no more, but the infinite levels continue forever.

But what about us and our life personally, you ask?…

Dan’s Quote: “The blinkers of ignorance we wear, that narrows the vision of our reality…
_____________are as large as the universe itself.”- DJB

Top photo: The Pillars of Creation in the Eagle Nebula, some 7,000 light years from Earth.

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