Multiplicity 1


OUR SPACESHIP hovers perilously close to the black hole’s event horizon. The gravitational pull is all powerful and if the ship slips over that critical point we are committed – there is no way back. It is prohibiting us from getting close enough to peer down into the vortex and see what’s there.

Of course we still could take the plunge but it would be a one way trip – and we would have to be mighty quick to see what’s inside for we would be travelling at the speed of light – before we were obliterated.

However there is nothing stopping us from travelling safely and at a much more sedate speed, all we need do is use our imagination. Last time we looked, we witnessed different numbered dimensional universes as we looked up the vortex walls, beginning with a one dimensional universe then a two then our three dimensional universe then a fourth, fifth and so on. Remember? If not, click and scroll back to Black Holes 1

This time we are going to see something slightly different from what we saw last time, for now we are going to imagine what we would see if The Creator had decided that three dimensions was the optimum number.

These universes would have to be infinite in number for although every-‘thing’ in the physical universe is finite, there is no end to the universe itself.  There always has to be another wall on the other side of a wall – ad infinitum. There has to be something beyond the sky. Remember the story about infinity?

There has to be another universe on the other side of every universe. If these universes are all three dimensional, they would be virtually identical in content, in other words, replicas of each other. (Explained later)

The stars, the planets, the solar system, the earth, the  land, the oceans, would all be the same. All living creatures would be identical copies of each other, existing separately/connectedly (unbeknownst to each other) on each and every dimensional level.

In this non ending universe that has an infinite number of three dimensional universes within it, it seems logical that there would also have to be an infinite number of possibilities spread over those universes. (stick with me)

As was stated the universe as a whole is infinite but all the ‘things’ in it, stars, planets earth, rocks, water, gas, living creatures, including us humans are finite, therefore we are all living and existing in three dimensional time and space… within an infinite universe.

So then, everything would be identical on each dimensional level ‘except’ for the effects of time and space and most importantly, ‘except’ for the effects of the infinite possibilities that occur on each and every one of these individual dimensional levels.

Here’s something for you to chew over in the meantime – If the physical universe is never ending and contains within it an infinite number of three dimensional universes that have an infinite number of possibilities for their evolution…

It stands to reason then, that logically, on those infinite number of three dimensional universes, there must be an infinite number of exact copies of you, me and everyone else, living separate/connected lifetimes, all completely unaware of our own multiplicity…

Dan’s Quote: “It takes imagination to tell fairy stories,
______________it takes even more to make them sound plausible.”- DJB

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