The Library 9


WRITING my hypothetical story of ‘The Library’ caused some difficulty when trying to explain what might happen after we walk out of our library and into the light. The fact that we must leave our ego identification behind was straight forward enough – although still difficult to do – but what do we then become?

For us to suddenly remember we are really a spiritual being (our soul) would not make any sense as our soul has purposely forgotten our origins to make the human adventure more intense and worthwhile, so without our ego identification, there was a gap in the story.

The metaphor ‘Physical Plane self’ coined by Ainslie MacLeod in his article, ‘The Transformation’ solved the dilemma for me as it placed another imaginary self awareness between our soul awareness and our body awareness. So…


Our Spiritual Soul (True self) inhabits a human body (Physical Plane body) for the duration of a human lifetime to enable the experience of the physical world.

Whilst inhabiting the body our soul has purposely forgotten our true origins so we can more fully experience a human life, thus we become our Physical Plane self (our awareness of who we think we are at the moment, body, name, the intelligence behind our eyes etc).

If our Physical Plane self identifies with the ego, (as we do at the moment) it is similar to being in a stage play. We wear a costume to play a role in the drama but strangely, once we are wearing the costume, we believe we really are the character we are portraying.

If our Physical Plane self does not identify with the ego (the next stage of our evolution) it is similar to us playing the same role in the same drama whilst still remaining aware of who we really are – an actor wearing a costume, playing a part in a play.

When we no longer identify with our ego, our Physical Plane self then becomes what we might call, our egoless body awareness or a self that is aware that it is temporarily the body and name it is inhabiting whilst being fully involved in the role of a human being.

Our Physical Plane self is then much more stable and receptive to being led down avenues of learning for advancement towards our souls ultimate aim of  Spiritual/Physical unity.

When we take the costume off at the end of our life’s drama, the Physical Plane body will be no more but our Physical Plane self  – our awareness of self, or soul awareness – will continue to exist as we awaken from the dream, remembering who we really are.

Looking at it from our limited physical perspective, you could say that ninety percent of our soul remains on the Spiritual Plane leaving just ten percent to inhabit a human body for a lifetime, so even though that ten percent does not remember its true origins, the other ninety percent does.

In this way, our soul can guide us along a predetermined but flexible life path, with intuition (that quiet voice from within) and inspiration to complete the missions our soul has come here to perform.

In truth, our soul remains wholly on the Spiritual Plane for there is nowhere else to go. The ten percent is really only our soul’s dream as it plays the role of a Physical Plane self in The Creators Dream of a Physical Universe…

Dan’s Quote: “Discard the illusion, embrace reality and the pain stops.”- Danny Brand

Top photo: ‘View Inside a Wave at Sunset.’

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