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DESPITE our souls mission, which it is happily continuing to do while we wallow around in the unconscious belief that we are separate from our soul, we are missing out on the fun of our life. Thinking that we know best, we have invented myriad quick fixes to feeling good, drugs, alcohol, chocolate, sweets, loveless sex, shopping are just some examples.

Not to say that any of these are bad in and of themselves but we need to become aware that we are using them for that purpose – which in reality is not to gain happiness, peace, joy or any of those things – but pleasure, or to stop boredom by filling in idle times, so it is not necessary that they be dropped altogether.

In fact, to try and stop using a shortcut without understanding our egos need or craving for it, only makes the situation worse, for there is always a cost involved after experiencing a high brought on by a quick fix. We must also suffer the down side, dependency, cravings and addiction with their accompanying withdrawal symptoms.

The belief that we can rely on shortcuts to happiness, joy, rapture, comfort and ecstasy, rather than earn these feelings leads to legions of people who in the middle of great wealth, fame, business acumen etc – are starving spiritually.

Positive emotions experienced without the contrasting experience of negative emotions leads to emptiness and inauthenticity. Conversely, positive feelings that arise from the exercise of learning what is right through the experience of the wrong and then doing what is right rather than from taking a shortcut, is authentic learning.

If we continue to obstinately stick with shortcuts, the situation only worsens over time, preventing us from advancing and if that be the case, at the end of this lifetime’s course, we will have failed the exam, obligating us to repeat the same suffering next lifetime until we do pass. (Karma)

That is not cruel by any means, for it is our own soul that is the one who has decided on that specific course so our Physical Plane self can learn and eventually rid itself of the egos influence and re-unite with the soul.

The old saying, ‘There but for the Grace of God go I’ has special meaning here, for we have all either experienced lives like the shortcutters in previous incarnations, or those lessons in life are still to come.

For our soul is eager to learn the whole gamut of human experiences – in one life or another. Remember, we (the separate person we think we are) are doing the suffering here not our soul. Discard the illusion, embrace reality and the pain stops.

So the next time you are criticizing a drunk, drug addict, sex fiend, shopaholic, or such like, stop for a moment and realize that you were once in their shoes, or God forbid, you still have those shoes to wear…

Dan’s Quote: “Our mission in life is to discard the illusion of the false…
_____________And embrace the reality of the truth.”- Danny Brand

Inspiration for ‘Quick Fixes’ came in part from referencing ‘Authentic Happiness’ by Martin Seligman..

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