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OUR SOUL has one purpose for living a physical lifetime and that’s to evolve. It wants to know what being a human is all about. So it comes to the Physical Plane repeatedly, each time attaching itself to a physical body for the duration of a lifetime to explore, experience and learn all about the human experience.

Our soul has specific missions it uses to help give its lifetime a focus. These missions could be to learn what was not learned in previous lifetimes, or to learn something as yet not experienced, or it could be to teach, where our soul will want to learn about helping other souls complete their life plans.

We all have a combination of missions that our soul decides on before attaching itself to a human body. They’re narrow enough to give life a certain composition, yet broad enough to avoid limiting free will, allowing flexibility as we progress.

Beyond its specific missions for each lifetime, our soul is seeking something much bigger. The grand purpose, if you like, is to unite with our Physical Plane self – to become consciously aware that our soul and the Physical Plane ‘self awareness’ are one and the same.

In our souls learning experience, it is not just positive feelings we are after, we want to be entitled to our positive feelings. In our souls permanent home on the Spiritual Plane, all there is, is positive feelings. Our soul wants to be able to learn and appreciate them.

We do this on the Physical Plane by contrasting the positive experiences with the negatives. By experiencing the negatives, the pain, sorrow, loss, unhappiness etc of life and overcoming them, we can then feel entitled to and thus appreciate the good things, both in our physical lives and also after we transition back to the Spiritual Plane.

It is through the senses of our Physical Plane body that our soul experiences human life. The mental library of the body holds the records of the past that, apart from the memories needed to negotiate through our daily life, also contain the memories of all the emotions experienced.

These are used for contrast and as we individually learn, conscious awareness of our true purpose grows and as an increasing number of us connects with our goals, it will become easier for others to follow. (A rising tide lifts all boats, as the saying goes.)

Yet strangely, despite our souls mission to fully experience the human condition, while we continue to identify with our ego, we are constantly searching for shortcuts to feeling good…

Dan’s Quote: “Begin to see yourself as a soul with a body,
_____________rather than a body with a soul.”- Wayne Dyer

Inspiration for ‘The Agenda’ came in part from referencing ‘The Transformation’ by Ainslie MacLeod.

Top photo: ‘Natural Rock Pools’, Pamukkale, Turkey.

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