BEFORE I continue with the concluding chapters of ‘The Library’, I feel that I must clear up some confusion concerning our ego and the implied notion that, so as to advance along our evolutionary path, we need to get rid of it. That the only way we can walk out of our library and into the light is for our ego to be abolished.

That is far from the truth. The ego plays a very important part in our evolution. For a start, if it were not for the ego, mankind would never have survived our initial steps onto this physical world – and for quite a few millennia after.

It is still serving us today in the same way. The only problem is, we have come to identify ourselves as being our ego – and we are not. The ego really is only a mental storage or library that holds all the data from the past that we need to refer to at times for our body’s well being – a mental library that we have inadvertently put a label on and called it me.

But that library is not us, it is a facility. The ego/library needs to stay with us and continue its role. We are now at a stage in our evolution though when we must simply outgrow our identification with the ego, in other words, become aware enough to put it back in its place where it belongs – caring for our body’s welfare and survival.

The question asked is, ‘If I do not identify with who I think I am then who am I? What then do we become?’ We become consciously aware of what we have always been in this lifetime, ‘Our Physical Plane self’.

We represent our Soul on the Physical Plane, remember that our Soul is spiritual, it cannot experience a physical life except through the senses of our Physical Plane selves – Us!

This has always been what is, we have just confused our Physical Plane selves with the body’s mental memories, that’s all. Mankind is now ready to shed that illusion and progress to the next stage.

By outgrowing our ego identification, nothing in our life changes, we are still who we have always been, the only difference being is that we have rid ourselves of an unnecessary burden. We now use the ego/library’s facilities for our day to day lives rather than believing we are the ego/library.

After outgrowing the illusion, the only difference will be is that our conscious mind is a bit more conscious of reality and our unconscious mind is not quite so unconscious.

Because of our growing awareness, our Soul will not be so impeded in its intuitive whisperings that help lead us on to complete the agenda that it has set down for us whilst we are here…

Dan’s Quote: “With awareness, the ego is our ally, not our enemy.”- Danny Brand

The definition of ‘Physical Plane self’ could be described as our Soul with amnesia. In reality we are our Eternal Soul experiencing physical life in a human body.
To fully experience life, Our Soul has forgotten its origins whilst in the confines of its Physical Plane self but our Soul also still remains on the Spiritual Plane where it is able to guide us.

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