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OUR EGO, like our body of which it is a disposable part, is finite, it has a use-bye date. At some time or other, we all must experience our physical death. No matter how much we diet, eat healthy and exercise, no matter how much of a fortune we accrue or how many life insurance policies we hold, our ego, with our body must eventually return to the place from whence it came – Mother Earth.

People who have near death experiences often comment that their whole lifetime flashes before their eyes – every memory, every event, every high, every low and every emotion, passes in front of their eyes in fast motion.

What is happening as our physical death approaches is the ego is being forcibly dragged forward from its lair at the back of the library, passed all the shelves that hold the complete records of this particular lifetime from birth onwards, towards the light outside the library.

For those people who have returned from this experience to tell us their tale, their ego has been strong enough to overcome those forces, and freeing itself, has scampered back into the depths of the library and the safety of the past like a frightened rabbit.

Eventually though, our ego must succumb to time and although we may be kicking and screaming all the way to the door, we must finally face the light outside – and for our ego – oblivion.

Our true selves, who are eternal, have experienced the end of myriad lifetimes and so physical death holds no threat to our continuation. For our ego though, death has never been experienced before. To the ego, death is the newest of the new – and the most feared, for it does not survive death, it is a one way street to oblivion – and it knows it.

Whilst ever we believe we are our ego, death will be feared. This might appear callous, but a person who fears change or newness in ordinary day to day life is destined to experience a traumatic ego death, for their ego’s extrication from the safe and known confines of its library of the past to the newness outside could be quite a terrifying experience.

Depending on our ego’s resistance to death, the duration will vary. The story goes that on the other side, all our loved ones that have transitioned before us will be lovingly waiting to give us a hand to help rid us of our illusion of the ego and hence its terror.

Maybe that is the ‘soul’ purpose of their attendance at this time, so our transition will not be so frightful,  but come what may, eventually our ego will dissolve into nothingness, revealing to us once again who we really are and always have been, reunifying us as our True Eternal Non Physical Self…

Dan’s Quote: “In physical death we simply discard our ego cocoon…
to  metamorphose as the Spiritual Self we always have been.”Danny Brand

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