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DURING THE WRITING of ‘Mind WorX’ and also ‘Two Worlds’ I continually refer to the metaphor, ‘The Egos Library of the Past’ to help explain my hypothesis of what the inner workings of our habitual mind might be like.

The egos library is like any public library anywhere in the world. As well as individual libraries in each town or city, there is the Capitol Library that holds the records of the district, country and the world as a whole.

Like the public libraries, there is an individual ego library and also a collective ego library.

These libraries, both physical and mental can only hold records of the past. New events, in both types of libraries can only be recorded after the event, once they have become a part of the past.

As memories or world events get older, they are less used so their records are progressively relocated further back in the libraries recesses.

Within each of our individual ego libraries, we hold all of the records of every event, every taste, every smell, every feel, every sight, every sound and every one of our emotional reactions to those events, whether positive or negative, that has occurred since the day we were born.

We find that the older entries that occurred in the earlier parts of our life harder or sometimes impossible to recall, but our ego remembers them all and uses them as a ready reference to enable it to decide what action to take at any given moment when a new event occurs – and anything new is a potential threat to the ego.

Like the physical libraries, there is also a collective library that holds the complete records of mankind since the time of our first emergence on earth. Every event is meticulously recorded and although we can’t access those records, the collective ego can.

When anything new takes place in our personal life or in our world, our reaction to it, both individually and collectively, comes from records of how we reacted to similar events in the past.

Because of this, we do not see or recognize any new event for what it is, fresh, vibrant and dynamic, but look at it through the dirty lens of the known.

As our world is run by referencing what happened in the past, I.E. – law suits, A versus B 1897 – This old law worked last year so if we amend it, it must work now etc – the collective ego controls the actions of the populace, based on those records kept in its library of the past.

Again, anything new is a potential threat to the collective ego, so it’s reaction, passed on to us and the leaders of our world, is always based on the old safe and known.

How can we all combat these negative forces? By understanding our egos library, inside and out…

Dan’s Quote: “To change our world we need only be daring enough
_____________ to step out of the old and into the new.”- Danny Brand

Note: Header photo, the National Library of Australia in spring.

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