SCIENTISTS on the TV show, ‘Who’s Afraid of the Big Black Hole’ told the story about using their equations to try and unravel the mystery of black holes only to find that no matter what formulae they used, the answer was always infinity and they questioned the reason why that answer kept cropping up.

That was actually the statement that inspired my hypothetical travels into black holes. Why infinity in particular? Was there a reason why that was happening? Was there a message whispering across the dimensions of physical space, hinting to us that the universe is not as it seems.

What exactly is infinity anyway? Infinity is nothing more than a physical measurement. Pictured above, the symbol stands for a number which is so large it cannot be measured. The finite physical universe that we inhabit is unmeasurable thus by definition, infinite.

That sounds like an oxymoron but it isn’t really, for behind every finite object or space there must be another object or space…Ad Infinitum.

Also at the end of any numeral whether billion, trillion, whatever, there must be another digit that can be added to it…Ad infinitum!

When we look up at the sky, especially of a night when the Milky Way is at its most brilliant, we may all have asked the question, ‘What is up there at the end of the sky? Is there a wall? If so, what is behind the wall? And what is behind that?’ Does it stop somewhere, or does it go on forever? … Ad Infinitum!

While we are ignorant of what is, (and we all are) we only see the very tip of the iceberg. Everything we observe in this world we believe to be finite – it has a beginning and an end. We see plants grow, blossom and die, we see people being born, age, then die. Astronomers see our stars burning brightly then die.

Because of our narrow vision, we ourselves are resigned to the fact that we are finite, so must

eventually die. Our whole viewpoint of life on earth is finite, birth, death, existence, nonexistence, but nothing ever really dies.

We are shown proof of that every day, but we don’t really see it. The physical constituents of a dead plant become parts for new plants, our deceased bodies, whether flesh or ashes, returns to Mother Earth to be recycled.

If Earth should ever be blown to smithereens by an asteroid or comet say, the dust and debris of our planet, including the remnants of our bodies would reform into another stellar configuration.

The ingredients of Earth would carry on… Ad Infinitum!

The elements that make up our own body – atoms, molecules etc – have previously been part of many living and non living things during their infinite existence, right back to the stardust of the Big Bang and beyond. We have only borrowed them. Everything on the Physical Plane is recyclable – infinitely reusable.

Infinity is a measurement of endless time and endless space on the Physical Plane. Conversely, on the Spiritual Plane (that is our true home) where there is no time or space – there is only eternity.

Is it possible that infinity is in reality, the reflection of eternity on the Physical Plane? Infinity is the only way eternity can be represented in a universe of time and space. Is this why the scientific equations always end with infinity?

Could the singularity at the bottom of a black hole be the intersecting point between the Spiritual and Physical planes?

A black hole is hiding something more than myriad dimensions. If it were possible to look into its maw, right down to the singularity at the bottom, would we be looking at forever?…

Dan’s Quote: “In the physical universe we can go forever..
_____________In the non physical, we exist forever”- Danny Brand

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