Black Holes 4


WHEN the universe was created, (whether actually or in a dream makes no difference) that universe was created multi dimensional. Human beings occupy only a small part of that universe. A universe that contains many other dimensions inhabited by many other, different and diverse living organisms.

We can never meet, or share our science, or understand anything about each other, nor even know that the others exist. What we can do though is to accept ourselves for what we are, (three dimensional) and not to continue bashing our heads up against the wall trying to solve an enigma that can never be solved in three dimensional terms.

We must also understand another humbling fact.

We are not the be all and end all of the universe, we occupy only a small slot in the fabric of space that happens in our case to be three dimensional. Many others occupy other slots in the One Multi Dimensional Universe, living their lives, believing that they are all that is. They are, but only in their particular dimension – the same as us.

Here in this universe we can only comprehend things three dimensionally, in time and space, so whatever is outside of us has to be either above, below, back, front, either side of us or a combination of those to be understood, but in reality, the other dimensional universes are not below us or above us at all.

They are with us. In reality there is no time and space. WE, are all here now. All the other dimensions, as invisible to us as we are to them, co-exist with us in this one illusory space that we inhabit as part of the fabric of creation, occupying the same reality right here, right now.

The physical universe and its multi dimensions are all an illusion, the dream of the One Universal Intelligence. We are all here together, now, sharing the one dream, experiencing myriad, different aspects of the one timeless, spaceless, infinite physical universe.

The unconditional acceptance of what we are and our inability to solve all the mysteries of the universe or create a ‘Theory of Everything’ can help guide us into spiritual maturity.

Who knows if in our never ending experiences of physical lifetimes, we have been, or eventually will be, born into all those other dimensional worlds, to live diverse lives, adding flavour to our true self’s overall, physical learning experience.

Also who’s to know if the singularity at the bottom of the black hole may really be a tantalising peephole into eternity, the place where we all come from, no matter which dimension we hail from and to which we all return after each sampling of a physical lifetime.

We will be able to answer that question once our present stint in the physical universe ends…

Dan’s Quote: “Our Oneness is far more extensive than we realize.”- Danny Brand



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