Black Holes 2


BEFORE we begin, I need to give you a quick and rough background on the physical properties of black holes as far as scientific theory goes, so you can better understand the drift of my story. We can then try to imagine what black holes might be if we look at them without thinking three dimensionally.

Roughly, a black hole is the result of an exploding star that is many times more massive than our sun. It’s gravity caves in on itself, compressing the remaining matter to such a degree that a teaspoon of it could weigh many billions of tonnes.

A black hole’s escape velocity (the speed at which we would need to reach to escape the star’s gravity) is more than the speed of light, so even light cannot escape, hence the name, black hole. In theory they are out there everywhere, but because of this fact they cannot be seen.

The Earths escape velocity on the other hand is a mere 11.186 km/s. (about 25,000 m.p.h.) This is the speed a spaceship has to reach before it can escape earth’s gravity and go the Moon, Mars and beyond.

For the large objects – planets, stars and our universe in general, we have Einstein’s theory of relativity – three dimensional science. For the small objects – atoms and smaller particles, we have Quantum Mechanics – three dimensional physics.

Both theories pretty well explain our three dimensional universe, so why can’t black holes be explained? They are not three dimensional, that’s why.

Scientific theory postulates that a black hole is a cone shape that as far as they believe at the moment has the top of the cone in our three dimensional space, then narrows down in a vortex to a bottom point something like a whirlpool. It is important to remember this fact for later reading.

This bottom point is infinitesimally small where gravity is absolute and space and time come to what has been described as a singularity (time and space are the same thing).

Mathematical formulas and equations come up short, even when combined, in trying to explain a black hole. This is the point at which the theory of relativity and quantum mechanics fails to work.

Why? Because a black hole is not just three dimensional but multi-dimensional. It cannot be explained by using the narrow, limited thinking of three dimensional science. In other words, while we inhabit our particular universe, we will never produce a ‘Theory of Everything.’

For ‘Everything’ in Creation is far more involved and far, far greater and more magnificent than just the tiny little three dimensional corner of the universe that we inhabit.

So what then might a black hole be and what good does it do us to know anyway?…

Dan’s Quote: “To believe that we are unique in the scheme of things 
______________is the height of ignorance and pomposity..”- DJB

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