Black Holes 1


ANOTHER TV program that screened recently was titled ‘Who’s Afraid of the Big Black Hole’. Did you watch it? I realized after seeing it, that the problem we have trying to understanding black holes is exactly the same problem we have trying to understand Genesis’ Story of Creation.

We are restricted by three dimensional thinking. I confess that I am not a scientist nor know all that much about black holes but really, even the scientists and physicists are scratching their heads at the anomalies they have found. The only certainty is there seems to be a whole lot of holes out there in the universe.

My story has nothing to do with the physical structure of black holes so why am I bothering to write about them? Because I want to illustrate the fact that we seldom look consciously and open mindedly at objects or enigmas that we are trying to understand.

The normal way is to automatically, or unconsciously look through a cloud of our past learning, which means we can only look at new things in comparison with things we already understand. When confronted with anything completely new, we attempt to understand it using by our old thought patterns.

We try to make this new problem fit and conform to our old ways of thinking and when it doesn’t, a heap of misconceptions can arise, like what is happening when scientists examine black holes.

If they are unaware of the way they are thinking, automatic pilot sets in and they unconsciously look at these objects through the mists of old mathematical formulas and equations, which are three dimensional and always completely inadequate for anything new.

We look at and judge everything through images of the past, what we once saw and learned during our lifetime past, or what we have been told. These thoughts are old and stale and therefore of no real use if we are to understand something that is completely new to our experience. A new way of thinking is required.

My hypothesis of black holes, whether right or wrong is neither here nor there. The point is to look at all things in our world from many different angles. If scientists could shake the cobwebs from their mind, maybe they could take a fresh look at black holes – or anything else that is new to mankind’s experience and thus gain a better understanding.

It comes down to the fact that we will never learn about or understand new things with old thinking. Three dimensional thought, which is the only way we can think of course, is inadequate. We need to come to terms with that truth, accept ourselves as three dimensional beings and admit that there are maybe, other ways of thinking.

One way is to leave three dimensional thought out of it and think with an open mind about what black holes might be. Understanding their enigma is also an inroad into understanding  who we really are and why the hell we are here in the first place…

Dan’s Quote: “Our knowledge of the truth
_____________is hidden behind a wall of ignorance.”- DJB

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