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MANY of us assume that only pleasing relationships are of any value, but that is not the case. Unpleasant relationships, whether with problem people or dramatic life events that we come across hold within them, important lessons we need to learn. Our awareness of an unwanted situation presents us with a clear indication that a different reaction may bring about a better result rather than the automatic, emotional response we habitually use.

We are given a choice to either take heed and learn from that unpleasant relationship, or by identifying with it, become lost in the emotional turmoil of the ego’s habitual mind. This means then,  that in our total physical experience, even those uncomfortable interactions, whether learnt or unlearnt form the basis of our ever expanding physical life experience.

People often believe that the benefits of interacting with others is mostly about combining talents and actions in order to accomplish the things that need to be done in a society, but our interaction is much more important than that.

We are helping one another define the attributes of your individual and collective selves. In other words, even the briefest of encounters with another person is actually contributing to our overall expansion as an Eternal Being.

Not only are we worthy of being here, we are essential. We are a vital segment in the wheel of the physical life experience. Universal Intelligence is already ‘Absolute’. It does not need anything more than Itself. But until Universal Self created the physical universe it was unknown, so could not be a part of ‘Experience’.

Once The physical world was manifested, it could then be experienced by Universal Self who had the desire to get to know itself in form rather than the formless. This vital function is performed by us (you and me) as spiritual souls, experiencing physical life through the five senses of our ego/body.

Realizing our true nature strips us of our emotional garbage and allows us to appreciate others with whom we are sharing our planet so that we can fully enjoy every encounter, no matter how brief, or regardless of whether we agree with them or not.

Relationships are important for we need them and they need us for the experiences and the lessons that are held in those encounters. We are all teaching each other as well as learning from each other, eternally adding to the expansive knowledge of the Creator…Universal Intelligence/God/Us….

Note: Inspiration for part of this post is due to the writings of Abraham-Hicks.

Dan’s Quote: “Something of vital importance hides within every relationship, good or bad…
_____________The trick is to become aware of it.”– Daniel J Brand

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