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UNIVERSAL Intelligence created the world for our enjoyment. If that be the case, how then is it that we can’t enjoy something without it being bad for our well being, body and heart? How is it that we have such strong desires to consume that tasty morsel or drink that intoxicating drink or inject that hallucinating drug, or get lost in the excitement of a riveting sport or entertainment etc?

The problem arises because we believe we are the habitual self – the ego body – so we mistakenly put the emphasis on ‘me’, ‘mine’ and ‘my body’ when we are thinking about enjoyment. We’re not really looking for enjoyment at all – we’re looking to satisfy a physical craving of the body. When we look outside ourselves for enjoyment (which is always the wrong place to look) and don’t find it, we become bored.

Boredom is the outer manifestation of our inner emptiness. The empty feeling is unconscious so we never say ‘I’m empty’ unless we mistake the empty feeling as hunger, which we often do when we overeat and as a consequence, put on weight. We usually explain away the empty feeling by saying ‘I’m bored’.

We suffer the consequences of the body’s cravings by placing the emphasis on the body as who we are. We constantly react to its feelings. That’s why sexual climax is so potent – whether through copulation or masturbation makes no difference, it is the most intense sensation of all, giving the ego an exhilarating but false sense of its own reality and eternalness. The feeling is timeless so that’s why we search for it so much.

We will never ever find enjoyment by looking for it outside – we can never be completely satisfied by some commodity, place or person that will ‘give us’ long lasting enjoyment. It can only be found within us – and before we can find it we must first become consciously aware of ourselves and the unconscious way we are living our lives, hopelessly searching outside of us for enjoyment that is not there.

Some sportspersons say they really enjoy their sport and are visibly on a high when playing the game, but strangely, they hit a low when not playing. Then they are bored unless they constantly train between games to keep that emptiness within filled.

We might vehemently state that we are really enjoying this food, drink, excitement etc, but what happens to us when we don’t have that fatty steak with rich gravy or that yummy chocolate and cream or that alcohol or that cigarette or that sport? What then? Do we crave more or are we satisfied and content with what we already have? The way we feel determines whether it is legitimate enjoyment or a craving.

Tasty food, intoxicating drinks, addictive drugs, exciting sports and entertainment numb us to the reality of who we really are – and that is exactly the egos agenda. It does not want us to wake up. It prefers that we remain unconscious, for it believes forlornly that that is the only chance it has for its eternal survival.

Even if our bodies become obese and our heart labours under the strain of it, the ego in its ignorance believes that it is all worth it. Why? Because we erroneously believe that after death our body will magically change back to the fit, slim youthful body it used to be when we were young and the ego will accompany the body into eternity. We all believe in that hope, don’t we?

The body does not do that, nor does the ego – they both cease to exist at the end of this lifespan and deep down the ego knows that but that does not stop its vain efforts to try and change its destiny and gain eternal life.

Remember, we are referring to our self here – or more precisely, the self we think we are and whilst we think that way, we will never learn. We do happily continue after death, but it does not include the ego or the body – or the person we think we are…..

Dan’s Quote: “We are all looking for two things in life, love and happiness…
_____________ but the wrong we is looking in the wrong places.”- Daniel J Brand

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