1: The Friendship Begins

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SUMMER’S sultry reign over The Great Southern Land had completed its cycle for the year – Sol’s golden tour of duty had successfully warmed the soil and the oceans and was set for lighter duties until next year.

Over the past three or four months, our bodies had been well anointed with beads of oily sweat and our skins painted with blotches of red and freckles of tan before summer reluctantly gave in.

Handing over the reins was difficult though – the persistent summer breeze continued on obstinately, blowing its warm balmy breath over our moist bodies and rustling through our tousled hair well into March before it finally succumbed to the milder temperatures of autumn.

Life was pretty quiet and peaceful after a lifetime of working for a living. The major wage earning task was to tear about madly on bull dozers and other earthmoving plant, either pushing up dirt and knocking down trees whilst building roads and housing estates or digging up coal and nickel in the mines.

Those times were now long past and for the last couple of years the Australian Government has been my boss who pays me to do whatever I like. I have never quite got over the thrill I feel when I awaken of a morning and realize that I don’t have to pack a lunch and head off to another dreary long day doing what I mostly would rather not be doing and putting up with some people that I would rather not put up with.

Life now revolves around the computer, keeping a couple of website going, adding new slideshows and videos, pictures and writing blogs. I was a hesitant blog writer at the start, but have warmed to it so much that it has become part of my daily routine.

Writing and philosophizing about life and its mysteries has made me much more aware of the wonderful world that lies just outside my door. All my life, I have never really looked around me to see what is there, being so wrapped up in the rattling churning – thought generating workings of my mind.

Like most of us humans, always thinking ever thinking of what we should have done, what we should be doing now and what we should be doing later, completely unconscious of what is around us now.

But all was soon to change, events out there were unraveling, new teachers were about to make their appearance and new lesson in life were about to be presented…

Dan’s Quote: “When one door closes, another opens…
_____________But we often look so long and regretfully
_____________upon the closed door that we do not see
_____________the one that has opened for us.”- Alexander Graham Bell


About Dan Brand

Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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