3: Birds of The Feathered Variety

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BEFORE that momentous day on the balcony, when I first met Squeaky, I never took much interest in birds, (the feathered variety I mean) I’ve never ever been what you would call a ‘bird lover’ apart from the normal love and respect for life in general. After all, every creature has as much right to be here as us humans.

I have always been aware of birds though, (well… most of the time… when I’m not lost in my own thoughts that is…) I often see them, eating and shitting, flirting and copulating, fighting and squabbling and playing one upmanship with each other – much like us humans do.

I’ve owned a couple of pet budgerigars in my earlier years but that was mostly my ex wives and girlfriends doing, not mine. To be truthful, looking back, I suffered the squawking chatter and incessant chirping from both the feathered and unfeathered varieties for the sake of sexual favours from the unfeathered ones!

Strangely, in the end of each relationship, the unfeathered birds kicked me out and kept the bloody feathery ones instead. Sometimes life is chock-a-block full of surprises ain’t it? Not that I put up too much of an argument to hang onto either type of bird I must admit.

I have long given up the naggers thank God – and I also thought I was rid of those pesky chirpers too….. But things were about to change.

Before I can get into the heart of the story and the magical events that unfolded and in fact are still unfolding as I write, I have to give you the background leading up to it and introduce you to the characters that were to play a part following that first meeting with Squeaky and the lessons that were presented to me in this simply meeting of man with nature.

The players in this drama are all birds, except me and my neighbour, two magpies named Mum and Dad, ( Mum is on the railing at right) two of their chicks named Donald and Daisy, Five Butcher Birds – Squeaky’s nationality as I found out – his family, Chubby, Hoarder, Gutsy and Dreamy – although most of the time they can’t be told apart so they are often all called Squeaky – he doesn’t seem to mind.

There is also two peewees named Bruce and Brucette, (husband and wife) a few pigeons, two of them named Tweedledum  and Tweedledee and some other birds, both good and bad, that were to play a part at a later stage in this story.

Mother Nature’s first lesson began in the School of Life when I finally twigged onto the fact that Squeaky was asking me for something tasty to eat, but what?…

Dan’s Quote: “We don’t realize just how invisible
_____________the real world is to us in our day to day life…
_____________If we wish to see the reality of its beauty and wonder
_____________we need to stop thinking for a moment and look.”


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