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OUR individual contribution is of the utmost importance to the overall experience of physical life, for it is our own personal perception of the world as seen through the individual belief systems and perspectives of each one of us that when added together provides variety and texture to physical life as experienced by Universal Spirit – which is you and I in reality.

That is why each one of us is so special, whether we are playing the part of a ‘goodie’ or a ‘baddie’ does not matter, our contribution to the whole is equally important, for in reality, we are the whole. Both villains and saints are needed in the mix to provide the contrasts of positive and negative forces that are part and parcel of this finite world.

We each take our turn at playing all roles in life’s drama, and karma is the deciding factor for which part we play next lifetime. Prince or pauper, black or white, Jew or Muslim, protestant or catholic, we have played them all and will play them again.

That is why it is so important to be consciously aware of how we treat our fellow man, with unkindness or compassion, for next lifetime karma might well decide that the shoe would be better placed on the other foot so we can experience life from the other person’s perspective.

We tend to take the game much too seriously instead of unconditionally accepting and enjoying whatever happens. All is really Ok – we are just playing a game that has no end. Each lifetime we will each continue to contribute to our overall experience of physical life for the One Universal Spirit.

If we play a baddie this time around, we will not be judged and sent to hell by a vindictive god, for we are only playing the role that was asked of us. For us to be judged and condemned for being so called bad or unworthy, Universal Intelligence would need to be judged and condemned too, for we are really one and the same!

Winning and losing are only words that belong specifically to the physical world, they are unknown in spirit. We neither win nor lose, it is the way we play the game that’s important. Even then, we can’t go too wrong because we are only following a blueprint set down by Universal Intelligence at the onset of the desire to experience and know Itself.

Assistance is always available to us. There are plenty of signposts and pointers along the way to help us play the game of life and guide us if needed. The major lesson we need to learn at the moment is deciphering which signs are true guides and which signs are detours – and those true signs can only be realized and understood when we look within ourselves.

Unlike the physical world that the game of life was designed for where everything has a beginning and an end, this game has no end. The reason is that although The Creator is all knowing in Spirit, in the physical world, all is unknown, continually new and yet to be experienced. So why should such a fabulous game have an end?

We are free right now. There is not something we’re supposed to be doing. There’s not something that we should be doing. We can sit on our bums for the rest of our life if we wish – we will not get slapped or be condemned for it. The only obligation we have is only to do that which we are inspired (from the voice within) to do.

The game of life provides the contrasts between good and evil, black and white, contrasts that can only be experienced here in the physical world for they do not exist in the spiritual realm. How do we get inspired except by the contrasts, the positives and negatives that provide the joy, excitement and challenges of life?

We are all perfect and expanding – we are all adored and worthy – we are all here having our exposure to experiences and doing the best that we can from where we are. We have not been sent here in a test or trial – we’re here as creators, as an essential part of an expanding Universe….

Note: Parts of this chapter were inspired by the writings of Abraham Hicks.

Dan’s Quote: “Life is too important to be taken seriously.”- Oscar Wilde

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