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WE will never get to where we want to be spiritually, in time, our true self is already there now – for now is all there is. Time is an illusion, an invention of the ego’s physical world and so while we wait to become enlightened sometime in the future, we will never reach that goal. It will always be just ahead of us like a carrot in front of a donkey.

It matters not, how many times we’ve read and heard the words God, consciousness, enlightenment, awareness or any other words like that, regardless of how many times we’ve heard those words – we have not experienced them.
We’ve thought about them many times, we’ve read the words over and over, we’ve written those words on pieces of paper, but no matter what we try and ‘do’ to understand the meaning of those words, they have not been our personal life experience.

We cannot think about those words, for those words don’t mean anything in and of themselves. They are just bits of scribble on bits of paper, or they are thoughts about those scribbles made into images that are kept in our egos library. When we think about them, we are looking back at the past – where their meaning is not.

Words and the thoughts about them belong solely to the physical world. They cannot enlighten us or help us to become consciously aware. They are only signposts that may or may not point us towards our inner self, where we are already enlightened. Our only task is to remember who we really are.

The thinking world is the egos world. When we think about anything at all, we can only think about it by remembering what it was like in the dead past or by projecting that dead image forward into the imagined future. That thought may be only a nanosecond old, but that is enough to put it well and truly in the past.

The ego can never see or understand what is, it can only see what was. To see and interact with and in the present moment, which is to be consciously aware, we cannot think about it – we can only be consciously there now, when it is.

There is an old saying, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too.” You can’t have the thought-life of the ego and have the happiness of a life of a consciously aware human being – you simply can’t have both. It is one or the other and at the moment, because of our spiritual immaturity, we have unconsciously chosen the egos way.

We need to stop thinking and start being. When we give up our thought life, our egotistically contrived ways, when we give them up and instead, just be there, then conscious awareness, spiritual realization, which is entirely different, has a chance to come in and take us over.

To give up our thoughts, we must give up ourselves – the person we think we are, for the person we think we are is really only a big pile of thoughts in the egos library made up of descriptive words about our name and body, accumulated from when we were physically born into this world.

It takes courage and trust that our life and our self will carry on and we will not disappear forever into oblivion after we give up thought and live in the present moment. We will carry on, as we will find out when we have the guts to let go of our ego self, but that world will be entirely different to what it is now.

Although the task that is ahead of us may appear overbearing, take heart, we are not falling into the grip of a new dark age, rather, we are following a path that has already been defined by a mind higher than our present habitual mind.
We are on the verge of a much brighter age as humanity continues to learn and advance – and we will advance, that’s for sure.

That advancement cannot be explained in words, for they are completely inadequate, but when we are ready and mature enough to understand it intuitively, it will not occur in time. It will be instantaneous. The curtain of ignorance will have been lifted and The New Earth will have been born.

So the quicker we get off our bums and wake up to the reality that we are the creators of our world, the quicker we will reach the point of becoming all that we can imagine us to be…..

Note: Parts of this chapter were inspired by the writings of Vernon Howard and Abraham.

Dan’s Quote: “Face the facts of being what you are,
_____________for that is what changes what you are.”- Soren Kierkgaard

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