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REGARDLESS of what we may believe, we can never be there in the now moment to observe or take in the beauty of a rose or a sunset in its natural state of being – which is always new – we can only see a later image of them, which is always old.

It is the same for every material object that we create in our life journey – it is always new, (only it’s stored image can be possessed, for the image lives in time) – but in the reality of itself, it can never be owned or possessed. It just is, pure, perfect and fresh, to be appreciated when it is – and also when it is not.

While we are under the spell of the ego, we can never possess anything new, or even see newness – we can only see and own something after the ego has stored an image of it in its library of the past. Then we only see a representation of it, the way it was, which we automatically compare with all the other objects of the same type and then judge whether it is better or worse, lovelier or uglier.

The ego can never live in the now moment, it can only live in time and whilst ever we believe we are the ego, we also live in time, in the dead past and the imagined future. To live in the now moment where possessing or owning anything is impossible we must become consciously aware that in truth, we are spiritual beings.

We tend to relate spirituality solely with Christianity, Buddhism, Islam and other orthodox religions, but true spiritualty and religious spiritualty have two different meanings altogether. Religious spirituality may have began following a plausible path but the original truth has long been contaminated with folk lore, myth and modifications made by the many and various religious scribes to suit their particular creed.

We cannot learn to ‘become’ spiritual for in our essence, we are already spirit. To ‘become’ anything we must be in time, to become spiritual at some future date, whether a second or a week is to be in the control of our ego, which is doomed to failure for the ego can never be spiritual.

To be spiritual is the same as being enlightened or being consciously aware of our true selves and that can only be realized in the present moment – which is all there really is – we cannot try to be spiritual. We need to breathe rather than try, to relax rather than offer effort, to smile rather than struggle, to be rather than do. For our true power is experienced only from inside ourselves.

You can only experience this for yourself, you cannot ask somebody else to do it for you – You can never realize the truth by reading stories like this. They are only signposts along the way, to help point you in a different direction that may or may not lead you to the truth that lies within.

You have no control or responsibility over what other people do, whether they understand and learn this lesson or not – that is up to them. Their answers to life lie within them, not you. Your response-ability is only to yourself and the only place you can work is within yourself.

Our greatest handicap is time, but to rid ourselves of time, we must also rid ourselves of ownership and of possessing things which is to be in time. Most importantly we must rid ourselves of our identity – the person we think we are – which also lives in time.

We are joyful and loving spiritual beings playing a game in a physical world. It is all an illusion and if we are going to continue enjoying the game, now is the moment that we must realize that fact…

Dan’s Quote: “A man who as a physical being is always turned toward the outside, 
_____________thinking that his happiness lies outside him, finally turns inward 
_____________and discovers that the source is within him.”- Soren Kierkegaard 

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