Mind WorX – Reality 2

SOME revelations about how we approach life cannot be repeated too many times for at this stage of mankind’s evolution it is of the utmost importance that we learn to understand ourselves and reality, even if it is only an intellectual understanding for a start. We can progress from there, for humanity is on the brink of major change.

Some of us will learn a bit quicker than others but like the lighted candle effect, it only takes one to see the light for us all too see the light. To do that, first we must mentally stand aside and observe ourselves and the way our present mind determines what the world is like, for instance ….

If we believe the world is full of violence and death then that is the world we will see, if we believe the world is a scary place to live, with the threat of terrorism and war hanging over us then that is the world we will experience.

If we believe in thieves, rapists, murderers and pedophiles, then that is the world that will surround us. If we believe in sickness and pain, our world will be sick and painful and if we believe in sadness and despair then the world we see will be one of sadness and desperation.

The world you are witnessing and interacting with at this very moment is made up from your belief system and that system comes from the egos library of the past. It is not real. It has been conjured up by your ego to give the illusion of reality.

Why? Your ego wants to remain in control. Your ego does not want your mind to evolve, spiritual evolution is the death knell for your ego’s present tyranny, it can only survive in a wholly physical environment so while ever you hold on to negative beliefs and accept the world as a dangerous place, your ego keeps on keeping on.

We might intellectually understand the principles of enlightenment but that will make little difference while the intellect is controlled by our ego – the person we think we are – and that is a no win situation. Beginning with intellectual understanding, we must then progress onward to conscious awareness.

Again it must be stressed, “We must get our ego out of the way,” it has passed its use by date. It has done its job and it has done it well. We should be grateful for it has helped us to physically evolve, without it, mankind would not have been successful in surviving from our caveman days to the present day, but unlike us, it is a part of the physical world so can never be spiritual.

It is now time for the evolution of our mind, which is spiritual. The ego, being physical, can no longer play a part except to begrudgingly return to its original duties as caretaker of our physical bodies – a changing of the guard that is causing all of mankind’s problems.

You are the creator of your world. You are creating it right now, but because your ego is in control you are creating unconsciously, the ego can only create negatively and selfishly by referring to all those negative images stored in its library of the past. There is nothing new in its library, only old stale, rehashed stuff.

Our next step in the evolution of mankind can only be taken by each one of us individually. We must look within, for spirituality, which is always fresh and new, is inside of us. All the solutions to man’s woes lies there within us. To solve the riddle of life, we must solve the riddle of ourselves.

We are really the One Spirit so when you finally become successful and learn these vital lessons, it means mankind as a whole will become successful and learn, for seven billion candles only needs one of them to be lit… for all of them to be lit….

Dan’s Quote: “To solve the riddle of life, we must solve the riddle of ourselves.”

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