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WHAT can you possibly do about the state of the world today? When we look at all the problems out there, it’s a right old mess – the worsening global economy that appears to be on the brink of collapse, the civil unrest, the wars, the ever present threat of terrorism, people that are suffering from starvation and malnutrition etc, you may wonder how you, as an individual can possibly do anything about it.

We believe it is just too big and overpowering and far above our capabilities so instead we march in protest against the problems we believe are out there, we strike against our employers we believe are doing us wrong, we ban anything we believe is inappropriate, we remonstrate against the way we believe we are being forced to live by others – and at the same time, we demand that those very same others solve the world’s problems.

But those others are just you in a different body. All of those others whether Presidents, Popes or Prime Ministers, are individuals the same as you. They look at the world from behind their own eyeballs, the same as you do.  They have the same dreams, the same nightmares as you do, they commit the same ‘sins’ as you do, they have the same hopes, aspirations and the same selfish concerns for their own survival as you do.

If you believe that it is their responsibility to do something about the state of our world today, then it logically follows that it is your response-ability, for you are one and the same. And you can do something about it but you must first understand something very important.

The fact is – and this fact cannot at this time be repeated too often. “There is nothing wrong with the world out there – there is something wrong with the world in there, within you.” Not within ‘us’, there is really no ‘us’.  Every problem that seems to be out there is an illusion. Both the problem and the solution lie within ‘you’, not out there.

That is the next biggest and most important lesson that is being presented to you right now in your school of life and one that is very difficult to understand. You are trying to understand it with your egos habitual mind and that will always fail, so you will say, “what a load of bullshit, of course the problems are out there – just take a look!”

Proof of the pudding can be seen in the failed way our leaders attempt to control this out of control world.  They look at the problems as being outside of themselves – and consequently, so do you. Our governments impose bans, create laws, incarcerate and penalize, kill, torture and wage wars in an attempt to quell the unrest and force those lawless others to tow the line.

Attempting to solve an inside problem with outside solutions is fraught with failure as can easily be seen by their useless attempts. And while we all continue to fight anarchy by imposing outside solutions to a seemingly outside problem, the wars, terrorism, bloodshed and killing will continue on unabated.

We must get our ego out of the way – and the way to do that is to get out of our own way – and look at the world with impartiality, without identifying with it or ourselves – to simply have clear vision without allowing that vision to become clouded by our egos beliefs or judgments and that is a hard thing to do for our ego will try and stop us at every turn.

Our success in graduating from physical evolution to the upper classes of spiritual evolution depends completely on learning this vital lesson. Collective humanity we might be, but to change the world, we must each change ourselves and that can only be accomplished from within your own individual mind…

Dan’s Quote: “There is nothing wrong with the world ‘out there’…
_____________There is something wrong with the world ‘in there’- within us.”

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