17: Catching Up

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THE PEACE AND QUIET of the countryside was reinstated during the time of my writing ‘The Library’ for ‘Mind WorX.’ The kerfuffle’s with the interloper and the poltergeist are now long gone and forgotten – as far as the birds are concerned anyway.

Elvira finished up having one chick that has since fledged, although it hasn’t visited the balcony railing for a feed since it has become independent as far as I know.

Elvira’s new boyfriend has remained here with her. Unlike his predecessor, he is gentle and rather shy, so only visits the balcony looking for scraps if I am not around. Elvira only visits occasionally now her chick has fledged but she has let herself fall to pieces.

Pictured left, she can only be described as ‘unkempt’, looking as though she’s been put through a tumble dryer. Maybe now she has a hubby, she thinks she doesn’t need to keep up the beauty treatment – I’ve known females like that, haven’t you?

Poor old Dad – The stress of his run in with the interloper has left a permanent scar on him and he has grown old and crotchety because of it. You never think about birds growing old but because of my daily interactions with him, I have noticed the decline in his body and temperament.

His feathers at the back of his head are turning grey and spindly would you believe and he has a lot of trouble chewing his hamburger – as if he is toothless – Yes I know that sounds stupid, birds don’t have teeth, but that’s the way he reacts. He bashes each morsel against the concrete with his beak until it’s small and pulverised enough to swallow.

I spend most of the time standing like a statue in mid hamburger toss waiting for him to finish. Lucky Mum magpie is still hale and hearty, so if she is there, my tossing hand has something to do while I wait for her husband to eat.

Squeaky and his crew still number around five and they remain regular visitors. Bruce and Brucette have created another dynasty with new chicks. I named them Heckle and Jeckle until I found out Jeckle was a female so I re-christened her ‘Jeckelette.’

The noisy miner birds have now become part of the family, frequenting the balcony throughout the day with their noisy but pleasant chirping.

One of them I named ‘Curi’, short for curious, (no not after Suri Cruise) because she is so curious about all the goings on and ins and outs of life on the balcony that she will squat like a little fluffy ball on the railing as shown in the picture to the left, or on the floor, completely mesmerised with what the other birds or I am up to.

A kookaburra also visits the hamburger stand occasionally, he/she’s pictured in the top photo waiting to be served. There are also some lorikeets that visit and the resident pigeons are causing me some angst at the moment, but I’ll tell you about that later on, all in all though, things are going pretty good.

I still have to tell you the funny story about the hard boiled eggs, but I now try to keep my blogs a bit shorter, so that will have to be told next time…

Dan’s Quote: “What a kid I got, I told him about the birds and the bees 
_____________and he told me about the butcher and my wife.”- Rodney Dangerfield


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