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EVERYTHING in the physical world comes from the earth – Every-‘Thing’. All of our treasured possessions, all of the fabrics and bodily ornaments we cover and adorn ourselves with, all of our buildings, houses, trains, planes, boats, spaceships and automobiles are either extracted from or grown from the soil of Planet Earth.

We (our bodies) are also part of the Earth which comes from the stardust of the physical universe. From the dirt, clay, rocks, metals, minerals, liquids and gases of the earth, mankind either cultivates all the food, drinks and the medicines that sustain us, or we fashion them into all those other material ‘things’ we believe we can’t do without.

When our life’s journey comes to an end and we return to the non-physical, the place from whence we came, all that material stuff that sustained our bodies and provided the pleasures and treasures we so desperately held onto during our short stay here, returns to Mother Earth, the place from whence it came.

Being physical, it can never go with us to our eternal home and as we are in reality, non-physical, we can never permanently remain with our precious possessions in the physical world.

Our true self and our material possessions are like oil and water, we can never permanently mix. We create the illusion of reality and ownership by wearing an ego suit made out of the same star stuff that our world and possessions are made of, but this reality is just smoke and mirrors and ownership is only temporary.

We are only visitors here, creating this physical world albeit, unconsciously at the moment, to enjoy, experience and provide lessons and challenges from which we can learn how to become more efficient and conscious creators.

We can’t and don’t have to own anything – we only have to create whatever we need. This world abounds in everything that we could ever want for a wonderful, exciting physical life. All we have to do is ask for it.

To try and own or possess some ‘thing’ then to fear losing it is our stumbling block. The culprit is the ego of course, who desperately wishes for eternal life and being part of the material world, gathers about it the material trinkets it hopes will help it succeed in its endeavour to live forever.

Once again we come back to the basic problem we are faced with and the most important part of us we need to let go of – and that’s the ego. Without its interference, we have the freedom to consciously create to our hearts content. There is no need for ownership, greed, thievery or jealousy….or war.

We are all quite capable of creating more than enough of our own collection of material acquisitions to do us through our life’s journey without hording or taking from others and once we have finished with them, we gladly give them up.

Material objects, whether mountains or mole hills, money or mansions are only stage props that create the illusion for the background scenery of our life story and help us to fully experience our drama of physical life.

When we gain our freedom from the ego and unconscious creation and awaken to our reality, what great treasures will we then have the ability to create, treasures that will make our present trinkets look like what they really are, junk?

Once we have learned to let go of the old and embrace the new, we will then be free to simply appreciate this magical world in which are privileged to be co-creators and spend a bit of time in, accepting every event, every challenge for what it is, without attaching conditions and ownership upon it….

Dan’s Quote: “Real freedom is having nothing…. 
_____________I was freer when I didn’t have a cent. Mike Tyson 

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