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THERE is really only one of us here. We are teaching ourselves, they (the good, the bad and the ugly) are all us, learning about ourselves. We are many in body but one in spirit. We are all both the teacher and the pupil in the school of life. There are no bad people here that require judgment by us, then penalized, incarcerated or put to death.

Unconscious humanity will be disappointed to know that when Bin Laden, Hussein, Hitler and the rest of the souls that played the part of a tyrant while living in the physical world passed on into the Non-Physical, they weren’t sent down to the hot depths of hell by a vengeful god and had the devil stick a pitchfork up their bums for eternity.

They left their so called badness behind in their ‘ego suits.’ Evil is of the physical world not of the spirit. It is part of the ego not a part of our real selves. Our unconscious selves are the evil ones. Evil is here to provide a vital lesson that we need to learn and understand so we can grow into spiritual mature.

While Bin Laden and his like were here they were only playing a part in the drama of life, (the same as we are) when they returned to the non-physical, they joined with the other souls that played their victims in the drama of 9/11 and watched together with interest to see if humanity learned the lessons they had presented to us.

Another interesting question arises that will upset the bereaved relatives of the victims of 9/11. If the souls of Bin Laden and his terrorists played the tyrant this time around for the sake of experience and learning failed lessons (karma) – and subsequently, will play the victim in a future manmade atrocity….

Were the victims of 9/11 simply also playing a part in the drama of life – a decision made by their souls in the non-physical beforehand – for the sake of experience and to learn failed lessons, (karma) and if so, will they play the tyrant next time around, for the same reasons? Is this really the way it works for us all?

We might be surprised to learn that there is no judgment in the Non-Physical – there is not a vengeful God in a long white gown wielding an enormous golden gavel and judging all who we mere mortals deem as evil.

Punishment is a concoction manufactured by unconscious humanity in the ego’s deepest place of despair of our disconnected, primitive mind.

To understand how primitive we really are we only need to sit back and take a conscious look at what we treasure and horde, what we kill and wage war for, then we can easily understand how our mind is still well and truly rooted in the Stone Age.

We collect pretty stones that we deem precious and wear around our necks and fingers as ornaments. We madly collect bits of different kinds of metal, some we wear with the stones as ornaments and some we add to bits of paper and plastic, some with pictures and fancy writing on them like the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

We then stash them away where other unconscious people make a fortune out of our saved treasures by amassing even more bits of the same rubbish and sticking it all in a big steel box for safe keeping.

We wrap colorful bits of different fabrics around our bodies to go with all the bits of metal, glass and stones that we have attached to ourselves, and then proudly pronounce ourselves as being beautiful or handsome …. or normal.

We build fancy boxes to live in and surround ourselves with colorful trinkets that we treasure and horde as a status symbol of who we think we are. We get around our world in machines made of fancy bits of rubber and metal powered by the most treasured commodity of all, oil, that force us to give up heaps of those bits of paper, plastic and metal that we so love. – And we think we are civilized!

The great Indian chief Sitting Bull once quoted long ago when he first observed civilized white man: “Strangely enough, they have a mind to till the soil, and the love of possessions is a disease in them.”

Dan’s Quote: “In our rich consumers’ civilization we spin cocoons 
_____________around ourselves and get possessed by our possessions.”- Max Lerner

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