Mind WorX – Tragedies

TRAGEDIES come in two types. Mother Nature’s tragedies, flood, fire, famine caused by climatic conditions, bad weather, earthquakes etc, are part and parcel of the never ending challenges that we must face while living in the physical world. They will reoccur from time to time as a natural part of our physical journey. Our task is to invent ways to lessen the effects of their destructive forces allowing mankind to continue to co-exist with them.

Manmade tragedies on the other hand, wars, acts of terrorism, murder, brutality, crime etc – and famine when it is caused by man’s lunatic attempts to control a country out of greed, power or whatever – are part and parcel of the lessons given to us while living in the physical world. They will not reoccur once the lessons have been learned. They need to be learnt now, once and for all!

Manmade means just that – ‘Man Made’- in our unconsciousness we are creating these tragedies ourselves, not by those others, but us personally. In spirit, we are one soul thus – we have to take personal responsibility ourselves for those continuing acts of stupidity, not pass the blame onto someone else as we have been doing up until now.

Bin Laden, the terrorists and the rest of us are one and the same in spirit. There is really no threat out there. The whole problem lies within each and every one of us. To look “out there” for the enemy, the terrorist, the criminal, and then attempt to eradicate them by fighting fire with fire or taking an eye for an eye is to miss the point completely.

All those problem people are that way because we are a problem. It keeps us locked up in the mental prison of ignorance. There are no bad people, only unconscious people and the only remedy for unconscious people is to work towards awakening – realizing a fact that we don’t want to face – ‘We are the unconscious ones!’

Probably one of the most insanely unconscious acts that we have recently committed was to go out, find and kill Bin Laden. He was not the problem, we are. All that we did by killing him was to create a great dollop of karma that we now have to resolve. Terrorism increased with his demise, not decreased!

That act, plus our futile endeavors to annihilate every terrorist, despot or unsavory character in the world by doing to them what we believe they have done to us, has retarded our spiritual growth. The more people we kill because they do something we don’t like, the more of those types of people will appear in our lives.

This perpetual motion of attracting people we constantly think about will go on and on until we get it through our thick skulls that they are us. We are like children being made to repeat class over and over again because we are so slow in learning. This may have been excusable in the past but not now.

Mankind has reached a stage in it’s evolution that because of our retarded spiritual growth, we now have grown up bodies squeezing into children’s desks. Instead of learning the lessons, we amuse ourselves by bickering with the other children, wanting what they have and throwing a tantrum when we can’t get it.

Until we take notice of the teacher in the classroom of life and learn the lessons that are being given, manmade tragedies of life will continue, with devastating affects…

Dan’s Quote: “Until the man changes,
_____________nothing changes except his nightmares.”Vernon Howard

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