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SEPTEMBER 11 2001 marked some major turning points in the spiritual evolution of mankind, so much so that the ramifications need to be examined more closely. The fall of the Twin Towers was the physical conclusion in form of a long and drawn out period of cumulative human unconsciousness.

Ever since mankind has been on Earth we have continually been offered lessons of life. The lessons have stepped up somewhat since the Second World War and the opportunities to learn continue to be more intense through the later wars, culminating on that fateful day in September.

From all of those opportunities to learn, mankind has opted instead to remain asleep at the wheel with the habitual mind remaining in control.

Since World War Two (or around about) the physical evolution of the human body is virtually complete and it is now well overdue for our mind to catch up to our body, to balance ourselves as a mature spiritual/physical species that is able to handle creation in an adult and competent manner.

We have failed to take heed of the lessons presented to us thus far so – although we may be horrified at the thought, lessons such as 9/11 will continue to be presented to us in different ways until we do learn.

Each time, if we remain unconscious, we will scream and holler, mourn and weep, and blame anyone else rather than ourselves – and by blaming someone else, we will seek revenge, which keeps the whole pot of ignorance boiling.

Although we are on the brink of the evolution of mind, we are still dominated by a Stone Age brain. Our emotions are mostly physical, not mental. Physical evolution has wired us to be riveted to bad news, bad outcomes and worst case scenarios.

Our present energy consumption and the environmental crisis we are now facing is nothing more than the evolutionary drive to survive gone haywire.

Osama Bin Laden, Saddam Hussein and the terrorists are not bad men, they are unconscious men. George W Bush and his cronies are not bad men, they are unconscious men. In earlier times, Hitler and his Gestapo and SS were not bad men, they were unconscious men. All the despots of the past and present are not bad men, they are unconscious men. In their unconsciousness and ignorance they are supplying the lessons we need to learn.

The perpetrators and retaliators of 9/11 have the same hates, prejudices and beliefs as each other, only this time they were on opposing sides. We tend to conveniently forget that not so long ago they were all friends – Osama, Saddam, Bush Senior and Junior, Rumsfeld and many others from both sides of the 9/11 fence were in cahoots, trading weapons, money – and oil –  the cause of the major negative emotion that is alive and well today, greed.

Although this may be a hard fact to reconcile with – and if you are unconscious it will only make you angry and disbelieving but – In the Non-Physical Realm, the Souls of Osama, Saddam, the terrorists that died and also all the victims that died on 9/11are together as friends, part of the one spirit, watching over us to see if what they did on 9/11 was successful in teaching us.

Also, when the next manmade disaster occurs, the souls of Osama, Saddam and the rest of the perpetrators of terrorist acts of violence and any deceased retaliators who were bent on revenge this time around, will return as victims to experience the other side of the coin.

It is all what is called Karma. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you is an ancient truth given to us as a pointer a long time ago, a truth that all wrongdoers should keep well in mind. If you give it – you will eventually receive it back in spades.

So what can we all do to stop another 9/11 happening again?…….

Dan’s Quote: “Your pain is the breaking of the shell
_____________that encloses your understanding.”- Khalil Gibran 

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