Mind WorX – 9/11

THE fall of the Twin Towers in New York City 10 years ago marked a vital turning point in the evolution of mankind. Something very dramatic happened that day, not only physically, but also spiritually. We need to question the notion that if there are no accidents in life, if every event, disaster, calamity has a purpose, what then is the significance of what happened at the World Trade Center on September 11 2001?

Was it really only the catastrophic loss of human souls and the smirch placed upon the face of America? Or was it compounded by the inner knowledge that we all missed out on learning a major lesson for the advancement and evolution of our mind?

Did it herald the final stages of mankind’s physical evolution and the beginning in earnest of our spiritual evolution (the evolution of our mind) marked so strikingly by the wrath of a defiant ego?

If it was a lesson that was presented to us, why didn’t we learn that lesson? Why are we remembering 9/11? Is it the sorrow of the occasion that draws us, or is it the fact that underneath we know that we missed out on a chance to learn and realize that because of that failure, this lesson will be presented to us again in another form until we do learn?

We failed on that day and every day since by retaliating with thoughts of anger and strong feelings of revenge and hate – all unconscious, negative, self defeating emotions. Very few of us saw it for what it was – a lesson of life. On September 11 2001, the collective ego won another of its continuing battles for the control of our minds.

In their unconsciousness, President Bush and his cronies were consumed with those same negative emotions that assailed us all, so much so that with their power of office, they went ‘hell bent’ for revenge of any sort. They were so eager to act that in their misguided wisdom they declared war on a country that had nothing to do with 9/11.

How many innocent Iraqi men, women and children were killed and are still being killed in this senseless, ongoing war. How many young men that America and its allies sent to fight in this war of revenge have also been killed – and are still being killed, or maimed and disfigured – all based on the spurious decisions of unawakened men? A damn sight more than was originally killed on the day of 9/11.

Was Osama Bin Laden really the feared tyrant that he was portrayed to be? Or was he simply an unconscious participant in the lesson that was being presented to us. Was Saddam Hussein such a threat to us all, or just a scapegoat for a scared government? Are all Muslims potential terrorists to be avoided and persecuted by a terrified society, or are they just like you and me?

What could we all (perpetrators, retaliators and spectators) have done differently to avoid such a disaster? How can we learn the lesson next time that that day presented to us all so as to bring an end to mankind’s stupidity and allow our species to advance spiritually?

We all were and still are consumed by fear, fear for our own skin mainly – fear that it will happen again, (and it will until we learn) maybe next time we will be personally involved and get hurt or even be killed. Fear is a contagious disease of the unconscious mind and the only cure is conscious awareness.

Even today, 10 years after the event, all of us on all sides must learn to become consciously aware of the fear, anger and hate as it arises within us without trying to suppress it. Just notice it and let it be. The darkness of negative emotions cannot stand the light of conscious awareness.

Questions, so many questions that we need to answer.

How much longer is it going to be before we all wake up and learn?

Dan’s Quote: “The more unpleasant the event is, the more it can teach us.”

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