2: The Purpose Of Creation


THERE IS A PURPOSE TO CREATION. It involves us being here… and to continue being here forever. Our course has been indelibly charted on ‘The Ship Of Life‘ towards an ever unfolding destiny full of excitement and contrasting challenges.

Once we have awakened, we can then become conscious co-creators of the next exciting era in our ongoing physical voyage. This is the choice we are being given – not to wait for the future but to help bring it into being now – it is up each one of us to do our part.

The blueprint of life is an infinite plan that as a consequence cannot have a beginning or an end. But because the physical world that we are experiencing demands a beginning and an end for us to comprehend something that is in reality timeless, we have to pick an imaginary starting point. There are many but the main two are:

Theology – Whose estimates are based on a literal interpretation of the Bible. The calculations vary from around 6,000 years plus or minus 2,000 years for both the age of the Earth and the rest of the universe.

Science – Hypothesizes that the universe began with a ‘Big Bang’ between 12 and 16 billion years ago and the forming of the Earth and the Sun at 4.8 billion years. They have also accrued some evidence of life before man, but we tend to accept mankind’s first appearance as a good starting point.

Being finite beings, we still require some sort of an ending, some point in the future when we will be no more. This is more spurious and again we look to scientific or theological assumptions, or we might take it as the end of our own physical life.

We must include a beginning and an end while we are here. Both theological and scientific assumptions are understandable and acceptable for our physical evolution – not our spiritual evolution, for no matter which way we look at something that is timeless, we can never comprehend it.

It is just not a part of this physical finite world we are experiencing where everything that is new eventually becomes old and dies decays, rots, rusts or disintegrates. We can only begin to understand the timeless when we have become enlightened.

Once we awaken our whole concept of life is re-aligned. We still experience time while we are here, but we also have the inner knowledge of timeless reality which is our true nature.

With that understanding we don’t take this world of time and space too seriously anymore and it becomes impossible to fear death for we know that we are eternal.

We are all connected. Whatever you do in life impacts on the whole.

We are not separate from the process of creation. We’re all contributing to where we’re going. The choices we make, the actions we take, what we say, what we don’t say, are all adding to the momentum of the vast cosmic unfolding – an unfolding that we are creating as we go.

There is no end to physical life. It is an ongoing experience. As we create new ideas, more ideas crop up, more challenges are created for us to solve. That’s what creation is all about.

Once we begin our spiritual journey as conscious creators of this physical world, what experiences will we then create? What exciting adventures are in store for us?…

Dan’s Quote: “The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn.”

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Blog writer and author of Mind WorX-An Inside Story, a philosophical look into life's mysteries.

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