Mind WorX – Evolution 2

PHYSICAL and spiritual (mind) evolution is a continuation of the same learning process. One follows naturally on from the other. Physical evolution must be established first to allow the organism (the body) to adapt and learn to survive in a harsh physical environment before proceeding onto the minds evolution. Mankind is now approaching that stage of development.

Our physical and spiritual evolution are part of the curriculum of schooling that we need to learn to reach the position in the universe that has been reserved for us by Universal Intelligence, of which we are an integral part.

We are following a blue print, a plan that was laid down when the physical universe was first created at the beginning of time. Everything in this blueprint of life has a purpose. Although we may not realize it, we are all meant to be here, exactly where we are at this moment in time.

All that has happened to us in the past and all that is happening to us now and all that is still to happen to us in the future – was and is meant to occur. There is an intelligent purpose to everything, both our physical and spiritual evolution and creation itself.

We are now at a stage in our evolution where the world – that includes us – has reached a critical point. The time of major change is approaching – the world as we know it is ending. Our obsessive greed and materialism, our narcissistic belief in our own importance, has created a nightmare that is draining the very lifeblood of the planet.

This present state of the world is causing changes to take place in our life experience that are more far reaching than we can ever imagine, for in the midst of this world’s dying spasms, another world is being born, one based upon conscious awareness of the oneness of us all, the knowing that we are one living ecosystem, one global community.

And within this dream of oneness, signs are beginning to show that the world is awakening. A new Earth is being born. We are all a part of this wonderful phenomenon – an event that was planned from the very beginning.

Our intuitive inner voice tells us that coming soon is a moment in cosmic time when, with an outpouring of energy, we and the world will awaken to its divine nature and throw off the debris of materialism. This event heralds the end of the world as we know it – our physical evolution is just about complete.

This will cause the collective ego to rebel violently against its threatened loss of dominance over our mind. A rebellion that is beginning to show its ugly face in our world right now and those who identify with this upheaval as the ego loses its battle will experience it as a frightening cataclysmic global disaster.

But others might recognize it as what we have unknowingly been waiting for, the dawning of a new Golden Age in which we can return to the simplicity and joy that belong to life in its essence, life as it really is, life as it is meant to be….

A time of egolessness when we will no longer need to distract ourselves with our toys and addictions, because the simple wonder and joy of being alive will nourish us and our souls and we will discover that the magic inherent in life is healing and beneficial.

A time when we will come to realize the truth that, in its wisdom and oneness, the world knows how to support itself and its inhabitants without our meddling interference.

But what matters most is how we respond to the present moment – whether we are prepared to be fully alive at this time of change. Are we prepared to help life to awaken, or are we too frightened of what we might lose, too caught up in our material attachments and collective beliefs?

If we are free enough to welcome a future that honours the sacred nature of life and its transformative potential, we will discover we have a central part to play. Our light is a part of the light of the world that is awakening to its divine nature and true purpose.

It is our destiny to go beyond karma by being the receptacles for Presence and to play a conscious role in creation…..

*Acknowledgement goes to Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee for part of an article of his that helped in writing this chapter.

Dan’s Quote: “The human’s place in the universe will be set in the scheme of evolution,
____________ the product of our biological inheritance.”- Walter Gilbert

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