3: Our Inner Journey


AS we become more consciously aware, one habit that we need to break is the tendency to speak about the world as if it exists ‘out there‘. We don’t want to separate our self from the world process because when we do we fall into a false or dualistic way of thinking.

We then tend to look out there for solutions and apportion blame onto others when our problems are not solved. Nothing is ‘out there‘. It is all ‘in there.’ We have to look within our own mind, for that is where the answers lay. Each one of us is on an inner journey of discovery.

This is a journey that we all take collectively and yet it is at the same time, a very personal experience. That is because we are all connected. What we each experience affects the experience of humanity as a whole. We are many in body but one in spirit.

We must be consistently on guard, impartially watching our every move, not only of what we do, but also what we feel, think, assume, judge and believe. To look ‘out there‘ for the answers is to be looking in the wrong direction. That has been our biggest handicap up until now.

When we really embrace the truth that we are not separate from the process that created us, but are in fact contributors, (even though we contribute unconsciously at the moment) then we need to become very clear about all the ways in which we are actually affecting the process, so that we can begin to more consciously take part in positive and evolutionary ways.

Once we truly understand ourselves and our environment, we will then become suddenly aware of the wonderful adventure we are already experiencing. With the ego taking a back seat by our awakened state of being, our prospects are limitless. We have the whole cosmos to create, conquer and explore.

In this physical world, eventually overcrowding will become a problem that needs to be addressed. Our explorations of our nearby neighbors, the Moon, Mars and then out into the Solar System, setting up places of future habitation for our species as well as others will be crucial.

As physical time goes on and Mankind becomes more experienced, we will explore further on out of the solar system and into the greater cosmos in search of adventure and knowledge and to eventually colonize other star systems as our own Sun nears the end of its life.

Meanwhile at home, science and technology will need to continue conquering sickness and disease. Mother Nature’s natural disasters will still devastate our world, but even the solving of all these problems are planned as part of the physical challenges we will continue to face on the leading edge of physical experience.

This is all physical evolution. It has nothing to do with our spiritual evolution. All is coming to pass right now as intended, as part of our ongoing physical journey. The problem is we are unaware of the significance of it all.

If we remain unconscious of what is evolving, we will keep meddling in a process that in our unconscious state, we are incapable of handling. More importantly, while we are getting ourselves unnecessarily in the way, we are missing out on the glory of creation.

The evolution of our mind now needs to catch up with physical evolution to bring balance to our creative experience and allow us to consciously participate in what is an exciting and wondrous process.

In the blueprint of life, our physical evolution is endless. As we continue to explore, there will always be something new cropping up that needs to be experienced and understood. Just imagine how marvelous it will be when we can consciously create our future, without any negativities getting in our way.

The difference then to the way we now experience life will be unbelievable. Mankind has a fantastic future ahead of it. The whole cosmos is waiting expectantly for us to mature. We just need to let it happen…

Dan’s Quote: “We are many in body but only one in spirit.”

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