4: Dilemmas


RECENTLY a new series began screening on Australian television titled, ‘The Bible: A History.’ Episode 1 concentrated on the dilemmas incorporated in the first book of the Old Testament – Genesis.

I have written three chapters on creation, but after watching the show, I felt an intuitive need to add another chapter or three so as to address some of the issues and arguments that were brought up during the show. I am not professing for one moment to know anything about Genesis, Creation or The Bible for I was not around at that time – the problem is – none of us were.

As with all of my posts, They are inspirations emanating from my still (thankfully) fertile mind, written down and sent out into cyberspace for anyone who may be interested in reading them, as long as they don’t think that what I have written is in any way factual. They are just my ideas allowing others to form their own ideas.

For that very reason, I don’t debate the pros and cons of what I write about or the possible truths that may lay hidden there somewhere amongst my jumble of thoughts as it could well be all bullshit. I leave that up to you the reader to make your own conclusions – for your truth is in you, not me.

Most likely, I will repeat some of what I wrote about in the last three chapters, but I find it better if I just write down what is in my mind at the moment. To refer back to those earlier blogs tends to confuse me and I lose track of what I want to put across now. So please excuse me if I repeat myself.

The biggest hiccup in Genesis is the statement that God made the physical universe and all the creatures and other things in it in just six days and then sat back and had a beer on the seventh…well, close enough.

Is that statement a load of religious crap or is there truths hidden there somewhere that we can’t see or understand? We’ll take a look and see…

Dan’s Quote: “Inspiration can come at any moment, so be ready, it is the voice of your soul.
If you are quiet enough and intuition is ready, you will feel it within”


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