6: Scribblings In Time


WHAT IF it was a fact that, stripped of our physicality and our three dimensional world, we were really God in essence. After all it seems plausible if our intelligent awareness is the same as Gods Intelligent Awareness.

Although it must be confessed that – whilst we are temporarily housed in our body and in this world, our intelligence is handicapped somewhat by and confused with the ego’s intellect.

However, if physicality, (our ego/body)  and our world were to be taken out of the equation, we and God would be one and the same, wouldn’t we? We would all be the one Intelligent Awareness experiencing life in different physical forms.

If that were the hypothesis then, wouldn’t it be you that was really ‘The Creator’ and indeed, the one that created the physical universe and all the things in it in the first place?

Somewhere deep down in your soul, is there a residue of memory of the beginning of the universe – and your participation in creating it?

If that were to be the case, if, once stripped of our physicality, we were all the One God Awareness, then there really has only ever been One Intelligence, so that residual memory of the creation, being in reality, timeless, would also have been in the souls of the scribes who wrote down the Genesis story of creation.

If that were true, why did they mess the story up by writing down on their parchment scrolls that it took six days to create the world? A really short time we all agree. Was it because their memory was so faded and sketchy that they misinterpreted the story of creation?

Or, was it simply because they were three dimensional beings living in a world of time and space, making it mandatory for them to put a time limit on creation otherwise the story would not make any sense?

The problem with the Genesis story of creation is both the scribes who put it on paper and us, the readers of Genesis are three dimensional beings, attempting to understand a timeless, non dimensional description of creation.

The scribes were only able to write the story down in words, which are in themselves three dimensional, using their habitual, every day mind, which also is three dimensional, so it is understandable that they had to put a time limit on creation.

It may seem a very short time to create a miracle but in reality it took no time at all for we must remember, the universe was created before time….

Dan’s Quote: “The written word is very limited in its ability to tell a true story.
______________We must see beyond words to the truth that lies between them.”

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