7: Dimensional Thoughts


ATTEMPTING to understand the beginning of creation in a timeless, spaceless sense is like trying to understand a two dimensional world where there is either an up, down, forward, back, left or right missing. The three dimensional beings that we all are, cannot possibly imagine such a world.

It is worse still, trying to imagine a world that has more dimensions than three. What would those extra dimensions be? We can only conjecture, for whilst we inhabit this world we will never know. We are stuck here in body and mind whether we like it or not – and that’s exactly the way it should be.

Our problem is we think we know everything, if we can’t understand something or it doesn’t fit into three dimensions, we class it as bunkum, or argue in three dimensions about it, or gullibly follow a theory because we believe what some other nong brain believes instead of using our own mind.

Genesis’ story of creation is a mythical story of our beginnings. It was never meant to be taken literally, regardless of what some religious zealots say. It has also been contaminated over time by scribes of certain faiths, who altered the original text for spurious purposes in the hope maybe, of aggrandising their particular religion above all others as the only one true faith.

More importantly than that is the impossibility to write The Story of Creation (which is timeless) in three dimensional time. The scribes residue of the memory of creation being fleeting and ethereal would also have to fit into a three dimensional context.

So when describing creation, the scribes who were trying honestly to remember those ethereal memories could have written six years or sixty years or six hundred thousand years, it would make no difference, the physical universe was created in no time – Time came to be a factor only after its creation.

The same goes for the age of the universe, there is constant conjecture between science and religious zealots as to how old it really is. The argument can never be settled by looking at it three dimensionally, for its age has nothing to do with physical time.

If we look at the universe’s creation and age non dimensionally, both science and religion’s explanations are as plausible as one another, for physical time does not really come into the equation.

That residue of the memory of our physical roots is within us all. Underneath our habitual ego/body mind there is something else there, an Intelligent Awareness that knows the truth of who we really are. We are God, We are The Timeless Creator of every-thing….

 Dan’s Quote: “Physical time is an illusion of our finite world,
______________Spiritual timelessness is the reality of our eternal realm.”


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