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WHEN it becomes natural for us to live consciously in the present moment, karma does not matter that much anymore, because once we are present, karma may still arise for a time, but it is no longer problematic. It no longer causes the suffering that it caused before because it is seen in the light of awareness. In the light of awareness, karma no longer dominates our life.

Spiritual awakening and the resolving of karma is the same thing. Anybody who is awakening begins to look at life as it really is, not as imagined and with that insight becomes a beacon to others that are ready to awaken. Like a moth to a flame, people who are ready are attracted because we are all spiritually connected.

Once they begin to awaken, a person then has an inner compulsion to spread their learning to the rest of humanity. People will be drawn to such a person who can then find they are listening to others from a place of inner awareness, uncluttered by the egos mindless garbage from the past.

Or they may have an inner urge to write down what they have intuitively learned. What a spiritual teacher does is point out the possibilities and the sign posts along the spiritual path, pointers to help awaken humanity out of identification with the habitual ego mind. The spiritual teacher teaches us to go beyond karma, whether they become formal teachers, or informal teachers.

As we teach, Consciousness is becoming aligned with our mind. Our once unconscious habitual mind is then able to tune in to the deeper Consciousness and can be used as an instrument. Then words of inspiration come out of our mouth or are written down for others who are ready and inwardly inspired to hear or read the lessons that are needed for spiritual awakening.

There is ultimately really only one teacher, the awakened Universal Consciousness is the teacher. It can only teach those in whom there is a degree of readiness. The teaching needs to be received. If there is only a density of mind, the lessons will not be recognized and the teaching won’t happen.

Awakening to our true nature changes everything. Physical life still goes on but it unfolds in a completely different manner. Gone are the unconscious negativities that caused us so much grief. Gone is our drama of greed and materialism, our hubristic belief that we are the lords of the world, which we can exploit at our will.

Conscious self awareness is the realization of who we really are. The ego ceases to be a problem anymore and returns to doing what it was designed to do – be the eyes and ears (plus the other senses) of a body that enables us to not only experience ourselves in a physical sense, but be conscious creators alongside Universal Intelligence – of which we are in reality, individuations….
We have become enlightened.

Enlightenment is the marriage between our true self and the ego.

Unconscious, negative karma is no longer a problem, so our true self and ego can now work in harmony together. Gone is our fear of death for we no longer erroneously believe we are the ego but instead are consciously aware that in reality we are spiritual, eternal beings. We also realize that to experience a physical life, the ego, (without the excess baggage of negative karma) is a necessity.

A misconception is that in traditional mystical teachings, enlightenment means it’s all over. We have reached the end of becoming so it all ends. The physical world has served its purpose, so is relegated to obscurity with the ego. But in reality, enlightenment is where it all begins.

Everything begins when we become enlightened. That’s when we are freed from narcissism and self-concern and are available for the noble endeavour of consciously creating the future.  Most importantly, gone is our Achilles heel, our greed and materialism. Gone also is the selfish concern for the preservation and safety of our little me at the expense of other little me’s. That’s when a New Earth opens up before us.

That’s when our mind’s evolution really expands. So we want to get to that point quickly, because there is so much we want to do once we get there. There is so much we want to take responsibility for. There is so much we want to create…..

*Referencing articles by Eckhart Tolle and Andrew Cohen helped in writing this chapter.

Dan’s Quote: “Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment.”- Lao Tzu 

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