8: You’re The One


CONTEMPLATING the possibility that within our ego/body suit that we wear for the short time we are here, we really are the One Loving Creator in multiple, physical forms brings about a further surprising hypothesis concerning the creation of the universe.

Ask yourself, ‘Could there be anyone else here? Is there another? Could there ever be anything separate from this One Self?’ If you go all the way back to before the beginning—before thought, before feeling, before your body or your mind, before the world and the whole universe was created—what is there? There is only you, and you are everything.

We need to ponder the question, does a universe really exist out there at all? Was a physical universe created or is it just a dream of this One Self – and if we are stripped of our physical body and the three dimensional world we momentarily inhabit, would this means then that it is we who are this One Self – The Dreamer?

When we dream our dreams of a night, do those dreams contain a time element, or is time irrelevant to the dream? In your dream, do you think you could create your own universe with galaxies, stars and planets? If so, how long would it take?

Would you need to stay asleep dreaming for a few billion years or so to enable your universe to be created and established or could you not only create that universe during the length of one dream, but relax beside a beautiful lake and experience the joy of your dream world afterwards?

…..And by the way, how long is one dream anyway? Do you have to re-create that universe each time you dream, or once created, would you be then free to experience the wonders of your world in subsequent dreams, adding new features here and there as you learn and subtracting the bits that you find unsuitable?

Of course our ordinary, habitual mind’s attempts at creating a universe in a dream would be rather amateurish naturally, but just imagine for a moment the fantastic universe A Super Intelligent Mind could create in a dream – well you don’t have to imagine – you only have to look around you. Are we that Super Mind when we are stripped of our physicality?

Our ordinary night to night dreams feel realistic and appear to happen outside of us in time, which can vary greatly depending on the dream. The truth is they all occur within our mind as we  realize each morning when we awaken.

Are we only dreaming of a world that is not really out there at all, but within us? Is that dream occurring right now during one of our regular spiritual sleeps?

When our present physical experience is over, do we cease to be, or do we simply wake up like we do of a morning here on earth and the dream of a physical universe ceases to be?….Until the next dream….

Dan’s Quote:We are formless Spirit dreaming of a world of form.”


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