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TIME does not free us of karma. That is so important to understand. The egoic mind says “I need more time to become free.” The only thing that we may need more time for is that we need time to realize that we do not need time. It may take another twenty years of suffering for us to realize that we do not need time.

We may need to suffer a bit more before we realize the power of the timeless now. The egoic mind with its karma can only exist in time – the past and imagined future. Timelessness then is of course the end of karma.

In the classroom of life, it is up to each of us individually to wake up and learn the lessons provided by karma – whether we do or not impacts on the collective human psyche. There is a roll on effect. The more of us who wake up, the less influence collective karma has on us all. (The one lighted candle effect) Our ‘little willingness’ to learn helps mankind as a whole learn, for we are all connected.

At any point in our life and without any mental effort on our part, we can suddenly and vividly become aware of ourselves. With a flash of inspiration we become Present in the timeless now.

It can happen to a criminal in prison, condemned to death. It can happen to somebody who’s never heard of anything spiritual. It can happen to somebody who’s been meditating for years. It can happen to you and me, all we need do is to have the little willingness and trust in something other than our thinking mind.

The truth is, karmic lessons are not there for the ego to learn. The ego is only the vessel through which physical life is experienced via the five senses of the human body. Ego is transient – it is only here for the time being. Its job ends when our current life ends so it would be pointless for the ego to learn anything really, other than what it is already programmed to do.

Karma and the lessons it holds are here for our true self to learn in its quest to know and experience itself in a physical world – the only place that it can in fact experience itself. The person we think we are (ego) does end its existence at the end of this lifetime. Whilst ever we believe we are the ego that is the most difficult and also the most fearful fact for us to come to terms with.

The ego bolsters its feeling of identity and reality by being continually lost in thought – in the past and future. To the ego, not thinking threatens not existing, that is why it is so hard to meditate. The ego is fearful of meditation for when thinking stops it is not there to protect itself against the illusion of its reality.

We fear the end of our existence. We are terrified by the thought that we will not ‘Be’ anymore at the end of this lifetime. We tell ourselves fairy stories in the vain hope that we will indeed live on in heaven – or even hell – for eternity. The person we believe we are does not survive, But…..

We are not who we think we are. We do continue on eternally, consciously aware of who we really are – our spiritual selves. For us to experience physical life, our true selves (which are spiritual) have to wear an ‘ego suit’ (which is physical) that supplies us with the necessary receptors, the five senses connected to a physical body that we wear to get around in like a space suit.

When each life is completed, we discard the ego suit and instantly remember who we are – it’s as simple as that. Everything then makes sense. We remember who we really always have been and the little ego we once thought we were slides unnoticed back into obscurity from whence it came.

But we don’t have to wait until our life is over for this to happen, by becoming consciously aware of ourselves in the present moment; we remember who we really are while still here, alive and well – which is the meaning of the phrase, “To die before we die.”

Once we have remembered who we really are by being consciously aware whilst still living, life in the physical world goes on as normal except that we are no longer tormented by the egos folly and unconscious karma.

That is the purpose for our being here.

That is the ultimate aim of learning the lessons karma presents.

That is enlightenment.

*Referencing an article by Eckhart Tolle helped in writing this chapter.

Dan’s Quote: “Nervousness is conquered by making it conscious 
_____________and a first step in that is to set aside a pretence of calmness.”- Vernon Howard

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