9: Epilogue


MANKIND IS AT A DISTINCT DISADVATAGE when it comes to understanding the story of Creation. We are restricted to using our ego’s everyday mind, so when we view anything, it must come from a physical perspective.

In other words, it must consist of a physical form that’s enveloped in three dimensional space and be reliant on the passage of time, or it doesn’t make any sense.

We imagine God in physical terms, as an old bearded man dressed in a white cloak.

But that is not true. God is not physical, God is Spirit, Divine Intelligence, the very Essence of us all – and that is a revelation we can never comprehend whilst ever we are wrapped up in our physical cocoon of a human body.

The same problem arises when trying to understand Jesus Christ. Jesus was an ordinary man, born in Bethlehem, lived and worked in Nazareth and died in Jerusalem. He was no different than any one of us, subject to similar emotions, likes and dislikes etc. But he was also Christ, Christ was his spiritual self, his soul, his eternal essence.

The only difference between Jesus and any other man was that his ‘Christ’ mind was more developed – for we all have a ‘Christ’ mind within us (soul). At the end of his life, it was Jesus the man who died and was placed in the tomb, it was Christ his spirit that survived death, not Jesus the human body.

The same mindset comes into play when we are told we are the Creator of our world, we can only regard ourselves in physical terms, and as humans we did not Create the universe at all… our human body and persona was Created with the rest of the universe.

Our human attempts at Creation would be impossible, but it was not our humanness, it was our Beingness that created the universe, our spiritual essence, soul, our Inner Christ.

We are human beings. When we die, our humanness ceases to be, but our Beingness continues on for eternity. God, Christ, Being, Spirit, Soul – We are One with All Of That…

Dan’s Quote: “When Jesus said, ‘I and the Father are One’
______________He was telling us a truth, we all are The One.”


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  1. Jesus rose from the dead three days after his death on the cross. He is no ordinary man. He is God incarnate who defeated both sin and death , triumphing over them openly.

    We are His creation. All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made, In Him was life, and the life was the light of men_John 1:3-4

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