Mind WorX – Karma 3

COLLECTIVE karma can have so much momentum it can trigger the same negative reaction world wide as it did in our two world wars. Even then, people in those war torn areas who were not trapped by the pervading karmic influence would have been mysteriously protected in some way.

Many would instinctively leave but even if they remained, they would not have become involved, they would only have been aware of such a calamity from the news reports. Life for them would have gone on as normal.

For a person who is born into vast collective karma like a war torn country or a country ruled by a dominating dictatorship, it requires considerable conscious awareness of self for one not to be drawn into that.  When Hitler came into power, not many people were able to remove themselves from the karmic influence.

Some were aware enough and they got away. They could see what was happening and they were strong enough not to be identified with the collective karma. This was also the case for a few of those involved in the London riots. To take ourselves away from that collective karma requires considerable self awareness – some people had it and some people did not.

You must have reciprocal karma to be placed in any karmic upheaval. I remember visiting Ireland back in the days when the IRA was running rampant and was expecting to see signs of the unrest, but during my visit I never even saw a placard or poster spewing IRA venom, my only encounter was a beautiful peaceful country with beautiful, friendly people.

I was shielded from any evidence or involvement in the turmoil because I didn’t have that particular karma and neither did those lovely Irish people I met there, so the IRA unrest might as well have been on the other side of the world as far as we were concerned.

We are all born into this world with certain unconscious patterns (karma) that have become the conditioning of who we are. Karma is partly collective, and partly personal. Collective karma that causes wars and riots is amassed by the population as a whole and even then, we have to be under that karmic influence – it has to be in us before we can become affected or involved.

Personal karma is what we have accrued and not resolved in all of our physical lifetimes, which is influenced to some extent by collective karma and vice versa. Karma creates our world.  So if we think the world is full of evil people, we will meet many evil people – in other words, unconscious people like ourselves.

Our karmic influence will draw them to us. Even for those people who are halfway between being conscious and unconscious, our belief in evil people will probably pull them down to our level of unconsciousness.

Karma is the complete absence of conscious awareness. It is automatic. It plays itself out in robotic fashion. Time does not free you of karma. That is a misperception – you may believe that if you only spend enough time, eventually you can become free of karma. Karma renews itself and repeats itself until the lessons are learned.

The only thing that can free you of karma is conscious awareness of yourself, or as Eckhart Tolle puts it, ‘Presence.’ You have to be here now, awake to the present moment, not mentally somewhere else lost in thought.

Being consciously aware frees you from karma. Not all at once though. Karma has an enormous momentum. It has a hypnotic attraction. The thought patterns, the emotional patterns, the reactive patterns. As awareness of the now arises, gradually karma diminishes and you will experience a fading out of those patterns.

*Referencing an article by Eckhart Tolle helped in writing this chapter.

Dan’s Quote: “To go from mortal to Buddha, you have to put an end to karma,
____________ nurture your awareness, and accept what life brings.”- Bodhidharma  

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