Mind WorX – Karma 2

EXAMPLES of the magnetic effect collective karma has on the unwary can be demonstrated by the out of control actions of the participants in the recent English riots. The ones that rampaged through the streets of London were unconscious robots marching to someone else’s tune and that is where negative karma is at its strongest.

The lessons of life were being presented to all of those hooligans but their minds were too weak to resist the pull of collective karma – the seeds of which were already deeply sown in their unconscious minds. Those few who were strong enough to resist the temptation and become more conscious would have pulled out before the excrement hit the fan.

Feelings of discontent, depression, boredom and resentment of authority that maybe had been brewing for years, finally exploded into out of control killing, rioting and pillaging. This was inevitable, for collective karmic influences left unchecked will eventually suck in the gullible and become uncontrollable.

It was a powder keg ready to explode and any untoward incident could have triggered it. The magnetic effect that collective karma has over the weak minded can spread like an infectious plague to other parts of the country, as it did when it spontaneously erupted in Birmingham and Liverpool.

Lessons are certainly not learned with violence – that simply is the unconscious ego running amok. It is resolved by self awareness, being conscious of what we are doing in the present moment, which brings on the sudden realization of the senselessness of it all – thus, the lesson is learned and that particular karma is resolved.

Those youths simply needed to wake up to reality and with a flash of insight, realize what they were doing and their rampage would have stopped. They would have awoken from their unconscious dream like state.

The awakening of any one of those rioting youths would not have put them in danger from the other rioters for an unconscious person cannot see a conscious person. They would have been completely ignored and simply have walked away from the fray. To be attacked, we must have reciprocal karma within us.

A startling fact about those riots is that the casualties and the looted had reciprocal karma to resolve, but from a victims standpoint. The fact that they were embroiled in the maelstrom in the first place indicates that they had lessons to learn.

Such riotous gatherings are examples of events that erupt in our society that are exclusively reserved for people, both victims and perpetrators, who have similar karma to resolve. As if by magic, they congregate together in the areas and situations in which the lessons are to be presented.

It is up to each individual whether they wake up and learn – or not. If they don’t, it will eventually be repeated again and again in different scenarios until they do.

This type of rebellion cannot be stopped by creating new laws or increasing penalties or by locking the culprits up in the slammer. That only exacerbates the problem and makes the unconscious even more unconscious. The solution is for the authorities as well as the perpetrators of the violence to open their eyes and become consciously aware.

That is a problem because the law enforcers, governments and do-gooders that are involved also have the same karma to resolve – otherwise they would not be involved. Yes, they have the very same lessons to learn.

Remember, karma has a purpose. It is not by accident that all of this upheaval is occurring in the world. It is supplying the lessons we need to learn on our pathway to enlightenment…

Dan’s Quote: “Karma is not just about the troubles…
_____________but also about surmounting them.”- Rick Springfield 

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