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FROM the primitive, savage beasts we were when mankind first appeared on planet earth to our graduation as adult, self  aware, compassionate beings at the end of our time in the school of life, we accrue (for lack of a better word) karma – lessons that we need to learn to enable us to advance along the pathway towards our goal of enlightenment.

Our true self lives many physical lifetimes. Each contains within it, many lessons of life. Any lessons that are not learned during a particular life term is accrued as karma which is then added to our karmic record, which in turn, needs to be resolved in the next lifetime and so on. As each lifetime is lived, any new lessons that crop up that are not learned are added as extra karma.

Karma that is resolved during our lifetime is struck off the karmic list, never needing to be learnt again. To resolve karma, firstly, we must become consciously aware that we have it. This awareness does not get rid of karma but takes the sting out of it. Becoming consciously aware of the lessons we need to learn can in itself, sometimes be a resolution of karma.

With awareness, we see what karma is trying to teach us so it is relatively simple to learn the lesson it provides. Karma is the unconscious conditioning that runs our life. It is part of the ego system of negativity that lives within the library of the past. The ego and karma are partners in crime.

If we remain unconscious of karmic influences, we suffer. We can only understand karma by observing ourselves. Everyone has karma to resolve, a human being is born into a certain environment, it may be violent, or it may be relatively peaceful, depending on the karmic lessons that that person needs to learn.

In our life story, Universal Intelligence places us within groups and areas in the physical world where we can best resolve the karmic record that we hold – the lessons of life that we need to learn. When we learn each lesson, our amended life story will take us out of that particular environment.

Hospitals are full of people with similar karma to resolve – both the patients and the staff. Jails are full of people with similar karma to resolve – both the prisoners and the staff. War torn areas are full of people with similar karma to resolve – both the victims and the perpetrators – And the list goes on.

Any area anywhere on the planet can contain people with similar karma to resolve. People with similar karma are unconsciously attracted to such areas. This area might be as large as a country like for instance Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, where both the victims (starving, brutalized, tortured etc) and the helpers (Armed forces, aid workers, and humanitarians) have similar lessons to learn.

It could be as small as a local community, a hospital, a jail, or a house or living quarters where people reside for any length of time, or even a transport vehicle full of commuters, whether a car, a ship or a plane. If they have similar karma and that karma is strong enough, then it may be possible that those karmic lessons will be presented to all of them on that occasion.

People who do not have that particular karma will either not be present among that group or will magically escape or survive the karmic incident.

These areas, both large and small contain the collective karmic record of whole communities, states, countries and the world at large where people who have similar karma are unconsciously drawn, to group together and resolve both the individual and the collective karma.

What is your karmic record that you have to resolve whilst you are living this particular lifetime?….

Dan’s Quote: “How people treat you is their karma; how you react is yours.”- Wayne Dyer 

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