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ANCIENT texts tell us that the first law of the universe is Order. If that be the case then, it must also be the first law of the physical world. Looking at our lives today we may not believe it but remember belief is of the ego so be wary, it can be misleading as the egos aim is to delude.

We may think that our lives are not ordered at all but instead are chaotic, we may even think that the whole world is chaotic, but that is not so. Everything is following an ordered plan. All is unfolding in its own good time, exactly as it should.

What we call disorder or chaos, the Universe calls life’s lessons. It is only our little me desires, wishes and wants for something other than what is that makes our world seem chaotic. The ego once again is the culprit that creates the illusion of disorder.

Conscious awareness of this important fact dissolves our confusion, allowing clarity to shine through into our mind. The rule for the release of disorder: Unconditionally accept what is and chaos magically disappears.

If Universal Intelligence is the Master of All That is, Mother Nature is then The Matriarch of the physical world. Both are really two sides of the one coin so to speak and both follow the law of order. It is easier to see nature’s order than it is to be aware of spiritual order for nature demonstrates it in everyday life. We only have to look around us with a discerning mind to see that life is very much orderly.

From a single cell springs a complex organism that grows into whatever was ordered, whether animal, vegetable or mineral. The recipe for life is enclosed within the DNA of each cell. Our human body grows from a tiny sperm and an egg, that when combined, forms a cell which then divides multiple times. Each dividing cell then magically becomes different parts of the body. Each cell has its rightful position as ordered by Mother Nature.

In just nine months, a fully formed human body emerges that continues to grow as all the different cells perform the duty that they were pre-programmed to do to take care of the body as it grows. Also, within those same cells of that new body, the recipe for even more human beings is indelibly written.

The recipe for life is contained within the DNA (Deoxyribonucleic acid) of each cell. This same order of life is in all living creatures and in all those cells from all those living creatures – each individual cell knows what it is to do and what it is meant to grow into and what it needs to do once it has grown. It is all in Universal Order.

It is more difficult to see and even harder to understand the order that is within our inner self. Most animals minds are basic, taking care of the body, making sure it has sustenance and protection from the elements, and using the fight or flight mechanism to ensure their survival in the sometimes hostile, physical world.

Mankind started off exactly the same way but our DNA recipe was much more complicated for it contained within it what might be called, ‘Spiritual DNA’, the order of which has allowed us to evolve into the most intelligent animal on the planet.

This puts a whole extra set of response-abilities on our shoulders for we have a mind that needs to evolve further from the basic physical design to a more advanced, spiritual state of being.

Our spiritual growth is just as ordered as our physical growth. To become consciously aware of the fact that both physical evolution and spiritual evolution is following the same universal plan as ordered by Universal Intelligence is what is meant by spiritual awakening.

Everything that happens in our lifetime, the good, the bad and the ugly has a purpose. We all have an agenda to follow and complete while we are here. If we are alive, we still have things to do. Some tasks have been accruing over lifetimes and some we gather as we go.

This agenda is not part of our true spiritual nature, but lives in the egos library of the past. It supplies the blueprint for the lessons we need to learn whilst we are here. As each lesson is learned, it is struck off the list and so we move onto the next, completing the tasks allotted to us this time around as we move along the pathway towards enlightenment.

This agenda is what we commonly call ‘Karma’…….

Dan’s Quote: “Odd how the creative power at once
_____________brings the whole universe to order.”- Virginia Woolf 

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